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Summer Yard Maintenance

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Although, you wouldn’t guess it from the rainfall and weather we’ve been having, summer is almost upon us here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington. Summer brings a host of lawn care tasks that should be addressed. Here we will discuss a few yard maintenance tips to perform before summer arrives in full force.

Proper Watering

Even though we are, currently, receiving (what feels like) an endless amount of rainfall, summer will soon bring about bouts of dry spells. During these dry times, it is important to remember to properly and thoroughly water your lawn, garden, and various plants growing around your property. Heat stress will quickly kill of your lawn and other desirable plants, leaving the less desirable ones (weeds) to flourish. A simple yard sprinkler, especially when coupled with a timer, can do the same watering job as expensive systems, in most cases. The important thing to remember is consistency.

Routine Mowing and Edging

The importance of routine mowing cannot be overstated. Ensure you are cutting your lawn on a regular schedule to not only keep your lawn healthy but looking well maintained as well. During the warmer months of summer, Urban Eden suggests that you mow slightly higher than you would in spring or fall as to not put as much stress on the roots of your grass.

Trim and Prune

Now, before the extreme heat of summer arrives, is when you should have all of your hedges and bushes trimmed and pruned. Ideally, this would be done in winter or early spring. But if this task has gone ignored until now, it is important to get it done before the heat is here. Trying to prune during the extreme heat can easily shock and harm your plant life. Prune your bushes and shrubs to keep them growing healthy, and trim them to remove any dead parts of the plant.


Reseeding (replanting the entirety of your lawn) and overseeding (laying new seed to fill in patches in your existing lawn) should be done in early fall or spring. However, if properly and consistently watered, this task can be accomplished during the summer months as well. Whether you are reseeding or overseeding, it is always a good idea to add a layer of compost to the area before laying seed. Once seeded, cover the area with a light top dressing to keep birds and the elements from carrying the seed away.


Fertilizing your lawn is an important task that should be performed regularly as well. Fertilizer gives your lawn and plants the nutrients that they may be lacking. If your lawn, for instance, runs out of its stored nutrients, it will cause brown and dead patches. Applying fertilizer will ensure a reserve of nutrients, keeping your lawn and plants happy and healthy throughout the year.

Other Tasks to Consider

Here are just a few more tasks to consider performing on your landscape before the full force of summer is upon us.


Aerating your lawn allows sunlight, moisture, and nutrients to penetrate into the roots of your lawn ensuring its healthiness.


Dethatching your lawn removes built up, excess thatch that may be blocking moisture, light, and other nutrients from reaching the roots of your lawn, hindering growth.


Mulching your flower and garden beds has many benefits, some of which include insulating your plants against extreme heat or cold, retaining moisture in the soil, as well as combatting the growth and spread of weeds.

Urban Eden Landscaping wants to see your lawn and landscape flourish year-round. If you are in need of assistance, do not hesitate to contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request form online!



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