Are you having trouble finding the time to clean up your yard?

It’s easy to put off yard cleanup in Camas. A windstorm downs some branches and you decide to wait until it warms up. You’ve raked the yard but now the leaves are rotting and you don’t want the hassle. Weeds and debris have built up and you know they’re not going anywhere. You don’t have to clean it up. At Urban Eden Landscaping we’ll take care of the yard cleanup and weed removal for you.

Can your yard benefit from a cleanup?

Cleanup is a part of lawn maintenance. If you have a healthy lawn regular cleanups can maintain that health. If you have an unhealthy lawn a cleanup is the first step. Lawn debris doesn’t just hurt your grass, though, it can cause much bigger problems. Yard debris is an open invitation for pests. Rats and mice, stinging insects, termites, and other pests all make their homes in debris. If you don’t have it removed you’re inviting them inside. Once these pests outgrow their outdoor home they’ll typically seek the next largest shelter. More often than not, that means your home.

Get complete yard cleaning services!

  • Debris removal – We’ll take care of fallen branches and other yard debris that have built up.
  • Raking and leaf removal – If your yard is covered in leaves, let us take over. We’ll remove them all.
  • Prickly plant removal – Why risk injury? We’ll remove ivy, branches and bush clippings with thorns, and more.

Contact us for yard cleanups in Camas!

It would be wonderful if your yard could clean itself, but the next best thing is a phone call away. The sooner you call the better. Our schedule fills up quickly but we may be able to provide same-day yard cleaning services. If you don’t feel like cleaning your yard don’t worry, we always do. Call or contact us today.