Weed Control & Prevention

Initial Clean Up


Taking your yard from an overgrown jungle down to an approachable and pleasing atmosphere is not always easy. We here at Urban Eden Landscaping know just how to get rid of the weeds in a timely and efficient manner. You can head off to work and come home to an amazing view of the beautiful landscape you were unaware even existed underneath all the overgrowth. Depending on your preferences we offer multiple choices to rid your property of the noxious weeds.

Weed Removal & Treatment

A lot of the times our clients need their properties cleaned up in a hurry. In this circumstance generally our crews will come in, clean up the desired areas by cutting down the weeds using the proper tools, raking up and hauling away the debris, and then treating the area to kill the weeds. After the weeds have been treated we offer many services to make the beds more visually pleasing. Most often our clients have our crews install a mulch, bark, or gravel in order to suppress the reoccurrence of weeds.

Organic Weed Removal

Urban Eden Landscaping is very mindful of our ecosystem and we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We practice Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to minimize the impact that we have on our surroundings. As a result, we do offer the option of removing and preventing weeds without the use of chemicals and herbicides. Our crews will literally be on their hands and knees pulling weeds, giving you and your property the instant gratification you deserve.