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Pruning & Hedge Trimming

Pruning & Hedge Trimming

Our qualified and knowledgeable crew members are able to tend to all of your trees and shrubs. As a guideline, it is best to do pruning in the dormant months. Though for aesthetic reasons a lot of individuals like the pruning to be done as often as possible to keep the best shape, size, and overall health. As many shrubs and hedges are accompanied by mulch, we are proud to provide this service to our clients as well as many others.

Tree & Shrub Maintenance

Trees and shrubs serve many purposes. They can be used as a hedge, noise or wind reduction, for privacy, among other uses. No matter the application all of them need to be tended to at some point in time. We offer many services that will not only keep your trees and shrubs looking great but will also keep the area around them a safe one. Proper pruning is important for several reasons including: safety, air circulation, reducing the risk of disease, proper growth patterns, and overall health. We can identify and remove diseased, broken, weak and dead branches from your trees. Thinning or removing branches is occasionally necessary to increase light exposure and air circulation within the canopy. For the jobs we feel are better left to a licensed arborist we will be happy to refer you to the most reputable one in your area.

Tree and Shrub Fertilizing

As with any other plant, trees and shrubs need a quality fertilizer for proper health. Healthy trees are beautiful trees. If your trees and shrubs are not receiving the food that is required for proper growth they will eventually show signs of lacking nutrients. Some signs are more obvious than others and include: leaf discoloration, sporadic growth, diseased limbs, and sometimes insect infestations. The weaker the specimen the more likely it is to develop more problems. Feeding your trees and shrubs in your landscape is necessary partially due to the interruption of decaying matter. During the maintenance of one’s property we haul away the leaves and organic materials dropped from the tree as it can look a bit untidy. Although, these very leaves are the natural food for the trees. This is why fertilizing is so important. For further details and application processes please contact us today.