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Prevent Weeds and Protect Plants with New Mulch

For many homeowners in Vancouver, Washington, mulching can require several trips to a landscape supplier. And without a truck, hauling isn’t even a possibility. Urban Eden Landscaping and lawn care service makes mulch delivery and installation easy.

It just takes a few minutes to complete our online form or speak to us on the phone, letting us know the dimensions of your landscaped area, so we can determine how much mulch is needed.

Whether you’re mulching a newly landscaped area, or need a resupply of mulch or bark dust, we work with you to make sure the job is done correctly and that the area looks great before we call it complete.

Mulch works brilliantly to prevent weeds while enriching the soil for desirable plants. It also prevents erosion on sloping areas and adds aesthetic appeal to any outdoor area.

What is mulch?

Mulch is typically used as a ground covering, and is not used for the same purpose, nor is it the same composition as garden soil, clay, or dirt. It is used to help underlying soil retain moisture and a healthy temperature, discourage unwanted growth and pests, and contribute to garden’s overall health and beauty.

There is no ‘correct time of year’ to apply mulch, though many property owners choose to do big projects like this in the summer when the soil is warm. Mulch is applied as a 2-4 inch deep layer and works best if the soil is moistened beforehand.

Fall can also be a great time to add mulch to existing gardens as it helps to protect against frost and offers healthy nutrients to the soil during the winter months.

Organic mulches are partially or entirely comprised of:

  • Bark Dust or Chips
  • Sawdust
  • Compost
  • Grass and other dead plants
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Straw Hay
  • Pine Needles

Talk to us about the best type of mulch for your landscaping.

Yard Mulch Frost

Professional Mulching and Full-Service Lawn Care

Mulching is a big, sometimes all-day job without the right help or equipment. Urban Eden Landscaping makes the job easy and affordable by doing the pickup, delivery, application, and cleanup for you. Our crews are respectful of your property and never waste time on unnecessary tasks.

It’s our goal not to just make your landscaping look and perform better, but leave you with a great experience and a perennial lawn care partner

Talk to us about how mulching and re-mulching can keep your garden refreshed year after year.

Our team not only applies mulch and any other landscaping features with precision, we create a finished product that consistently goes beyond our client’s expectations. That’s why so many Vancouver property owners choose us to maintain their outdoor areas on a regular basis. Some of our other lawn care services include bamboo removal, pruning, and dethatching!

Talk to us about how our landscaping and lawn care services can keep your home or property looking great year round!