Has your ornamental bamboo taken over?

Bamboo might be sold as ornamental, but there’s a reason bamboo forests grow so densely. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on land. Some species can grow 3 feet every 24 hours. It can quickly overtake a yard. With bamboo removal service in Camas from Urban Eden Landscaping, you don’t have to try and keep it under control.

We provide complete bamboo eradication.

Bamboo rhizomes can spread quickly. That’s because bamboo rhizome barriers are necessary to control the spread. This can be as simple as building a trench around the bamboo, but once it’s spread professional removal is your best option.

We provide complete bamboo removal in Camas!

Reclaim your landscape. The professional landscapers at Urban Eden know how to correctly remove bamboo. We have years of experience removing these aggressive growers. They are particularly suited to the rain in the Northwest, and without correct removal will come back.

That’s why we employ specialized tools and methods to get the very bottom of the root structure. Our services are designed to completely remove your bamboo, rhizome and all. If you want to leave some shoots where they are or are considering trying again, we can help. Our landscapers can create a proper rhizome barrier and provide twice yearly maintenance.

Contact us for local bamboo control today!

We provide local bamboo control and removal services. Reclaim your Camas landscape. We can help. It just takes a phone call, so call or contact us to schedule your bamboo services today.We provide a variety of other lawn care services including dethatching, pruning, and bark installation.