Lawn Mowing

Urban Eden Landscaping takes pride in the ability to transform a lawn from a patch of weeds, moss, and bare spots, into a lush green weed-free turf. Comprehensive lawn care includes fertilizing, liming, dethatching, aerating, moss removal, insect treatment, and over seeding to get that full beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

The first step to achieving a beautiful lawn is to be sure the soil is free of any problems. If the existing lawn shows obvious signs of poor soil structure then this must be addressed before anything else. Urban Eden is able to visit our clients one-on-one and assess the lawns needs as well as create a plan in which we will follow to get your lawn thriving.

For those “do it yourself” clients of ours who enjoy mowing and maintaining their own lawn, but are not confident in bringing it up to par, we’ll treat the lawn in accordance to our lawn care schedule keeping the turf free of any problems. For those of you who decide to partake in our scheduled yard maintenance adding lawn care is easy and affordable.

Scheduled Yard Maintenance

Once you are 100% satisfied with the much improved lawn Urban Eden Landscaping has renovated for you it is important to continue with our comprehensive lawn care. It also important to consider the regular scheduled maintenance we offer. In order for the lawn to thrive and be beautiful one must understand that there are other factors that affect the health and integrity of the lawn. We offer weeding, pruning, mulching, as well as many other services in order to keep the soil and surrounding conditions at their best. Taking advantage of our scheduled yard maintenance is the most effective way to keep the turf looking lush, green, and free of problems.