Bark Installation

Having Urban Eden Landscaping deliver and install bark dust is easy. After we have brought your landscape back to its full potential we can bring in the bark dust or mulch of your choice in order to help keep your property looking great. There are several benefits to adding bark dust or any mulch to your yard including weed prevention, plant protection, erosion control, and simply to make your home or business more aesthetically pleasing.

Bark Dusting & Mulching for Weed Prevention

A good layer of mulch including bark dust, compost, rock, or bark chips is a great way to keep the weeds out. After our crews have cleaned out all of your flower beds of those pesky weeds they’ll also gladly bring in the proper amount of mulch to keep any weed seeds from coming back.

Bark Dusting & Mulching for Plant Protection

Spreading mulch around the plants in a landscape is a perfect way to protect the roots from the elements. During the warmer months the bark dust will keep the soil moist longer. Not only is this a great method to keep your plants from withering away but it also conserves water. In the cooler months of the year the bark dust will keep the underlying soil warmer, therefore keeping the roots of your prized plants protected from the cold.

Bark Dusting & Mulching for Erosion Control

Bark Dust is ideal for the protection of your soils surface and for erosion. Creating a layer of mulch on your soil protects the topsoil from being washed away and beaten by the harsh rains. Bark dust can be spread on hillsides to prevent washouts, rock fall, and landslides. Urban Eden Landscaping will make it easy to protect your soils by doing all the hard labor. In the end, the results will not only look great but will benefit the earth underneath your landscape significantly.