Blackberry & Ivy Removal

Himalayan Blackberry or Armenian Blackberry Removal

Himalayan blackberries, also known as Armenian blackberries, are another weed with an attitude. The plant often will spread very quickly and the longer you wait to take care of the problem the worse it is going to get. By choosing Urban Eden Landscaping as your landscape maintenance crew we can cut back the blackberries and keep them away without the use of chemicals. Similar to ivy, persistence is going to win the ongoing battle and Urban Eden has the proper knowledge and necessary techniques to do so.

English Ivy Removal

Urban Eden Landscaping continuously fights the battle of English ivy year after year for a variety of clients. English Ivy will spread very quickly growing in garden beds, lawns, shrubs and trees, and pretty much anything it comes in contact with. The more efforts put into getting rid of the terribly prolific plant the quicker you will see results. It is best to first remove ivy from desirable plants and trees. Once the trees and shrubs are cleared of the vines Urban Eden will continue to remove the vines, roots and all, from surrounding areas and remove all debris from your property. We encourage our clients to begin a scheduled maintenance program in which we will continue to discourage the spread or further infestation.