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Urban Eden Lawn Blog

Pruning Fruit Trees

The cold months of winter are upon us here in Camas & Washougal, Washington. And, though the grass has slowed it’s growing, there are a multitude of other landscape tasks that need to be done during this time. One of the most overlooked tasks is pruning; especially pruning fruit trees.
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Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Winter has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and the temperature is dropping quickly in the Camas and Washougal, Washington area. Although the need for mowing and weeding has slowed, there are plenty of other tasks that need to be performed throughout winter to keep your yard healthy throughout the year. So, here are a few tips for preparing your yard for winter.
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Protecting Your Plants From Frost

Winter is just around the corner here in Camas & Washougal, Washington. Winter brings cold temperatures and the threat of frost and freezing. If you’re worried about your plants dying due to frost, there are several things you can do to prevent this.
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The Benefits of Mulching

Adding mulch to your plant and garden beds is one of the simplest and most beneficial things you can do for your yard. Mulch can come in a variety of materials, including various types of barks (i.e. cedar, hemlock, pine, etc.), wood chips, fallen leaves, or compost. Mulching is the simple act of applying a layer of these materials over plant or garden beds. There are many advantages to mulching, but we will discuss a few of the most beneficial.
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The Importance of Leaf Removal

Fall is upon us in Camas and Washougal Washington and, with it, comes seemingly endless amounts of leaves! While watching the leaves change colors throughout the seasons may be a delightful sight, cleaning up after them can prove rather difficult and tiresome. If leaves are left unchecked, they can be rather detrimental to the health of your lawn.
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Dethatching and Aerating

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It’s that time of year again here in Washington State! Fall is the best time to aerate and dethatch your lawn. In this post, we’ll go over what exactly dethatching and aerating your lawn means and entails.

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Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Fall is approaching rapidly in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Right now is the best time to start preparing your yard and outdoor spaces for the coming months. Here are some helpful guidelines to help get your yard looking great for the autumn months.
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Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Company

Deciding between hiring a lawn care company to help with your landscape needs versus doing it all yourself can take time and consideration. If you are torn between the idea of hiring a professional lawn care maintenance provider and caring for your lawn yourself, then these reasons for hiring a professional lawn care company may help in your decision.
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Controlling Weeds Organically: A Simple Guide to Natural Weed Control

Weeds pose problems for your garden beds and lawns year round in Camas and Washougal, Washington. Controlling weeds in these areas can be frustrating. That’s why many people turn to hazardous and unhealthy chemicals for a solution in solving their weed infestations. However, the same results can be achieved through the use of organic weed control methods, without the complications that come with using chemical solutions. This blog will discuss several options for DIY and homemade organic methods of controlling the growth and spread of weeds on your property in the Pacific Northwest without the use of unnecessary and harmful chemicals.

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