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Weed Whacking & Edging

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Maintaining the perfect lawn in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington requires more than just routine mowing, it demands attention to detail. Weed whacking and edging are essential techniques that elevate your lawn care game, providing those finishing touches that transform a yard into a manicured masterpiece. After reading this, you will have explored the ins and outs of weed whacking and edging as well as some tips and tricks to achieve a professional-looking lawn.

Weed Whacking 101

Safety First

Before embarking on your weed whacking journey, first think about safety. Wear protective gear such as safety glasses, ear protection, gloves, long pants and shirts, and boots. Also be sure that there are no obstacles or people in your way before starting your machine.

Trimming Technique

When weed whacking, hold the machine parallel to the ground and at an angle comfortable for you. Start trimming at the edge of the lawn, working your way around flower beds, trees, and other obstacles. Remain at a steady pace and let the machine do the work.

Regular Maintenance

In order to keep your string trimmer in good condition, it’s suggested that you consistently clean and inspect the cutting head of the machine. Replace the cutting string as needed and follow the manufacturers guide for additional maintenance.

Edging Excellence

Define Edging Lines

Before edging, decide on the lines that you want to create. Most people put these lines in places such as along sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds. If you’re new to edging, it’s suggested you use a stake and string in order to help you create straight edges.

When to Edge

Edging will be most effective and most aesthetically pleasing while the soil is moist. Avoid edging while it’s very dry or incredibly wet. The soil should be wet enough for the string to cut through easily.

Cleanup Clippings

When finished edging, cleaning up the clippings will give your beds or hardscapes a polished looking finish. Use a rake or a blower for the best results!

Edge Regularly

Make edging a regular part of your lawn care routine. While keeping edges well defined, you create a clean look that enhances the overall aesthetic of your yard.

Weed whacking and edging may seem like small and easy tasks, but their results can be rather extreme. With the right equipment, proper technique, and a commitment to routine maintenance, you can transform your lawn. Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help maintain your property, contact us today for a FREE estimate



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