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The Importance Of Personal Protective Equipment

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

From mowing lawns to pruning trees, landscaping aids in creating beauty in outdoor spaces, and, in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, we have an abundance. Because of the vibrant flowers or amazing smells of fresh air, the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is often overlooked. This blog will explore the irreplaceable role of PPE in landscaping, how using this equipment can help preserve our landscapes natural beauty and protect the well-being of any landscaper, laymen or professional.

Shielding Against Flying Debris

Mowing, edging, blowing, and trimming are all landscaping activities that can result in unsafe and unpredictable flying objects such as grass clipping, rocks, sticks, leaves, and more. PPE, such as safety glasses and face shields, act as protective covering against flying objects. The quick and easy act of throwing one of those on can make a life changing difference.

Safe Handling of Tools

Each and every tool used in landscaping proposes a potential risk. PPE, such as steel toe boots, ear protection, and gloves, are essential for your safety. Wearing gloves will help prevent cuts and blisters, while ear protection will prevent the long-term effects of ear damaging machinery, which will ensure quality health and safety to those working out in the field.

Chemical Exposure Mitigation

Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers are often used to maintain the health of plants and control unwanted pests. PPE, such as gloves, masks, and protective clothing, are very important when it comes to avoiding chemical exposure. If you choose to use chemicals in your landscape, you always need to provide a roadblock between harmful chemicals and your skin and lungs. Doing so will ensure your continued good health.

Enhanced Foot Protection

Proper footwear, such as steel toe boots, will prevent fallen or dropped objects from causing injury. Uneven terrains, heavy equipment, thorns or sharp objects are all factors that encourage the use of wearing proper footwear. Comfortable and high caliber footwear is a smart investment when it comes to long term health and safety for your irreplaceable feet.

Preventing Sun Related Risks

Due to the fact that landscapers spend hours and hours outside soaking up the sun’s UV rays, equipment such as sunscreen, lots of water, long-sleeved shirts, and wide brimmed hats are all very important when it comes to stopping sunburns and long-term damage to skin health.  These practices will also create a more enjoyable working environment for everyone.

While landscaping among the beautiful nature, safety may seem of little concern. But PPE, ranging from eye protection to proper footwear, are not accessories but necessities that ensure the long-term wellbeing of all landscapers alike. Embracing PPE not only benefits the ones using it, but the natural state of the environment around them too. Urban Eden Landscaping encourages all employees to wear proper PPE. If you’d rather not worry about PPE or landscaping in general, contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request online.



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