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Flowers That Thrive in Washington State

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Flower enthusiasts in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington are blessed with a climate that lends a helping hand to gardening, not to mention provides a wide variety of flowers. Whether you’re an experienced gardener who makes plenty of time for gardening or someone with a busy schedule, choosing some low-maintenance flowers can help ensure that your garden thrives effortlessly! In this guide, we will explore some of the easiest flowers to care for in Washington State, allowing you to enjoy the colorful and easy to maintain garden that you’ve always desired.


Known for its fragrant aroma and resilient nature, lavender is very suited for Washington’s climate. These robust perennials do best in well-drained soil and lots of sunlight, making for an excellent choice for beginner or advanced gardeners.


Daylilies have a versatile range of color and shape, making them a perfect choice for low-maintenance gardens. They are known for adapting well to various soil conditions and their ability to withstand Washington’s unpredictable weather.


Coneflowers are not only easy to grow but insanely attractive. Their outstanding blooms attract pollinators, adding a dynamic touch to your garden. These perennials are known for being tolerant to drought and succeed in well-drained soil, making them a great low-maintenance addition to your outdoor garden.


Sedums are a lot like succulents, using water more efficiently than the average flower, making them ideal for the sometimes-dry climate of Washington State. These flowers will provide year-round attraction to your garden and come in loads of shapes and colors to fit your interests.

Black-Eyed Susans

Resilient and happy, black-eyed Susans are the staple for low-maintenance gardens. These perennials explode with golden-yellow flowers and can adapt to many different soil types. They can be very useful in attracting bees and even butterflies.


If you’re looking for something perfect for shaded places, hostas might be great for you. Hostas are known for their healthy foliage and minimal care requirements. These perennials can add texture and visual interest to your garden easily because of their multitude of sizes and colors.


Daffodils don’t only act as a sign of spring, but also as an easy to grow bulb that does great in Washington. These lovely flowers come in many shapes and sizes and require very little attention once planted.

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ve come to understand that creating a vibrant and successful garden in Washington State doesn’t have to be hard or even time consuming at all. Make sure that you select flowers that are well-suited to your local climate and require minimal care, allowing you to sit back and enjoy an amazing garden with ease. Don’t let being inexperienced in gardening deter you from creating something you’ll love, just start your journey with some easy to care for flowers and your outdoor space will thrive. If you’d like assistance in creating your dream garden, contact Urban Eden Landscaping today, or fill out our FREE estimate request online.



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