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Flowers in the Spring

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

As the cold winter passes and we start to feel the delightful warm air throughout Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, we finally begin to feel like spring is upon us. Spring, for many of us, is a time to focus on our gardens, and living in the Pacific Northwest is one of the best places on earth to create a flourishing flower garden. Covering all shapes, sizes, and colors, this blog is going to teach you about some of the most commonly planted flowers in the Pacific Northwest as well as the benefits of each one.


The native and beautiful rhododendrons are an insanely popular choice amongst people in the PNW. They have large, plump blooms that come in a wide array of colors, while adding a touch of magnificence. If you wanted to, you could use these evergreen shrubs to mix and match different types in order to provide yourself with an extended blooming season, keeping the alluring aspect of your landscape even longer.


Even though these little guys aren’t native to the PNW, they still make for a great flower to incorporate into your garden. Their flowers are very bold, and cup shaped, providing an incredibly attractive and colorful aspect to your outdoor space come springtime. If you want your tulips to look better than you’d ever imagined, provide well-drained soil to improve their health and longevity.


Trilliums are native woodland plants that thrive in the moist, shaded areas of the Pacific Northwest. Their three-petaled flowers add a unique touch to any garden. Planting these flowers underneath a tall tree or shrub would give you a natural and enchanting display of elegance.

Bleeding Hearts

These flowers have a one-of-a-kind heart shaped look, and its attractiveness gets everyone’s attention. Don’t underestimate the amount of love that this flower can bring to your outdoor oasis, while adding a touch of romance. These perennials are well-suited for the PNW climate and never fail to impress. They are the perfect addition to shaded locations and look great on the borders of lawns.


Camellias are, hands down, the perfect transition from late winter to early spring, providing you with exquisite blooms and strong shape. The evergreen nature of these shrubs ensures a touch of greenery, even in the cold months. Choosing different varieties will give you the opportunity to extend your blooming season while giving you different shapes to look at.


Lupines, having tall spikes of flowers, bring a unique and natural look to any garden. These purple and pink flowers are a one stop shop for anybody looking for something special to amaze them every day. These strong perennials love the Pacific Northwest’s well-draining soil and will put on a show for you, especially when planted in large groups or planted with a range of different flowers.


Columbines are known for their spurred flowers and delicate appearance. These perennials attract loads of pollinators and thrive in the PNW climate. This flower has a huge variety to choose from, and make for great borders around lawns, throughout rock gardens, and even scattered in wooded areas. 

As the sunshine begins to stick around longer each day, and the warmth increases, it’s time to plant the flowers that will provide us with happiness and appreciation in just a short while. Whether you want to go with a native style or a more classic one, the best gardens are the ones that embrace diversity and have an incomparable look. If you’re looking to add some flare to your outdoor spaces, Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help! Contact us today by filling out our FREE estimate request form. 



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