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Benefits of Using Landscape Rock

Posted on by Urban Eden

Are you looking to spruce up your yard in Camas and Washougal, or Vancouver, Washington? Tired of tending to weeds throughout your garden beds? Or do you just want to add a completely new look to your landscape? Using rock to accent your landscape may be the answer for you. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of using landscape rock.

Replaces Mulch

Adding mulch to your garden or flowerbeds is a great way to revitalize the look of your landscape. Mulch is perfect for retaining moisture, fighting against the effects of erosion and inhibiting the growth of unwanted plants. However, mulch breaks down somewhat quickly and you can be left with shabby looking bark that needs replacing on a yearly basis. That can prove to be an expensive and back-breaking endeavor. That’s where river rock comes into play. River rock serves many of the same purposes of mulch, like moisture retention and erosion control, but does not share the same problem of breaking down quickly. Therefore, generally, you can apply a layer of river rock one time and may never need to add more or replace it.


Do you have issues with proper drainage in your yard? River rock may hold the key to solving this problem rather inexpensively. If you are having issues with drainage in your yard, river rock can be applied in these areas to redirect the pooling water. River rock can be used to create swales in your yard. Swales help channel the water away from areas that become easily oversaturated. You can also create a rain garden using river rock as well. Rain gardens are, essentially, rain collection areas that allow water to pool in one area and then slowly, over time, percolate into the soil area around the rock garden.


River rock can be used to create beautiful looking pathways as well. Pathways throughout your landscape create another dimension to your yard. Since river rock is much more affordable (and, arguably, more efficient) than concrete, it makes creating pathways much easier. One of the easiest designs for a pathway is to dig a shallow trench, as wide as you would like your pathway to be, and then fill this trench with the rock. Simple, beautiful, and effective.

Edging and Flowerbeds

Another use for river rock in your landscape is creating definition to your lawn or flowerbeds. Lining the perimeter of your lawn is an efficient way to create an aesthetically pleasing look to your property. Likewise, this can easily be done with the creation of flower beds as well; simply line your beds with the size and style of rock that you like best. Not only will this create beautiful definition to the perimeters of these areas, but it will also help with erosion in these areas.

It’s easy to see the benefits of adding rock to your landscape. If this seems like an intimidating process or you lack the proper equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently, Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help! Contact us today by calling (360)567-6399 or by filling out a free online estimate request.



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