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Winter Yard Maintenance

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

With the cold weather of winter in full force here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, outdoor spaces now represent a different type of beauty, the kind you want to admire from inside. Besides the cold, this season brings with it a unique set of challenges. And trust us, not getting things done now will be a huge regret once spring hits. In this blog post, we’re going to explore essential tips on how to keep your outdoor space healthy, resilient, and ready for the spring with winter yard maintenance.

Clearing Debris

Before any more snow falls or ice forms, make sure to give your lawn a thorough cleaning. Removing fallen leaves, branches, and any other types of debris will ensure that they don’t negatively impact the growth of your grass or plants. This also allows for you to start spring off with a clean slate.

Pruning And Trimming

There is no better time than winter to trim and prune your trees and shrubs. Now that the leaves have fallen, you can better identify the shapes of your plants as well as see any dead, dying, or diseased branches.  Pruning with care will encourage healthy growth and help maintain the shape of your landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

Even though your lawn is dormant and isn’t growing as much, it still requires attention. Mow your lawn one last time before winter sets in, cutting is slightly shorter than usual. This will prevent any diseases from forming and spreading throughout the grass. Lastly, aerate the soil to allow oxygen and essential nutrients to reach the grassroots.

Protecting Plants

Some plants are very vulnerable to the harsh winter conditions. Covering up your delicate plants with burlap or other protective fabrics will help to protect them against freezing temperatures, harsh winds, and heavy snow. Adding mulch to the base of plants will help to regulate the soils temperature and provide insulation during the colder months.

Equipment Maintenance

Winter is an opportune time to stop and show your gardening tools and equipment some love. Cleaning, sharpening, and changing/adding oil to your tools will ensure that they are in optimal condition come spring. Remember to store them in a dry place to prevent rusting.

Winter Fertilization

Provide your lawn with a slow-release balanced fertilizer to provide nutrients to your plants and lawn during the cold season. This helps the roots to absorb essential nourishment and acts as preparation for the explosion of growth during the warmer months.

Winter maintenance isn’t just about keeping everything clean and tidy; it’s about investing in the future health and quality of your outdoor haven. Following these essential tips can keep your lawn in optimal condition through the winter, keeping your lawn resilient and ready to emerge come spring. Embrace the season and look forward to the beauty that a well-maintained property brings to those who work for it. If you’d like some assistance with any of your outdoor projects, contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request form.  



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