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Protecting Plants From Cold

Posted on by Urban Eden

The cold weather has arrived here in the Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington area. With cold weather comes the threat of losing unprotected plants to frost and freezing. In this post, we’ll cover some basic steps that you can take to protect your plants from the harsh weather of winter.


It sounds counter-intuitive, but ensuring your plants are well-watered during the winter months protects them from freezing. Saturated soil actually keeps heat better than dry soil. So, ensuring that the soil around your favorites plants is properly watered will protect their root systems.

Plant Coverings

Another way to ensure that plants have a fighting chance against frost is to wrap or cover them. Plant coverings can be purchased, or you can use old blankets, plastic, or burlap. Whatever you choose to use, wrapping your plants will help insulate them at night, prohibiting frost from accumulating on your plants. However, as we all know, plants need nourishment from sunlight to thrive, so it is important to remove any covering during the day-time hours. Coverings left on constantly will kill your desirable plants, which is, obviously, counterproductive.

Installing Mulch

Mulch or bark is a well-known insulator. A thick layer of mulch, applied to the areas around your desirable plants, will help protect them from freezing temperatures. Not only does mulching protect your plants, but it also adds a finished look to your garden beds. Furthermore, as the mulch decomposes, beneficial nutrients are released, helping to create a rich, healthy soil.

Greenhouses, Cold Frames, and Raised Beds

Another method of ensuring plants are well protected from frost is to use a greenhouse, cold frame, or raised bed.

Greenhouses come in a variety of styles that fit most every budget. Furthermore, if you can’t find a style to fit your taste, you can easily make one from plastic or old windows. Greenhouses trap sunlight, heating plants, and protecting them from outside temperatures.

A raised garden bed is simply a frame that raises your plants higher off the ground. Putting your plants in a raised garden bed not only ensures your plants are insulated, but it also makes weeding easier and helps with proper drainage.

Cold frames are, in essence, a mini greenhouse. A cold frame is also a lot like a raised bed as well. The main difference between a raised bed and a cold frame is that a cold frame has a transparent top. The top of a cold from is usually made from an old window, but it can also be made with a piece of plastic covering the top of the box.

Urban Eden Landscaping has a lot of experience in ensuring plants are properly protected from frost and freezing.  So, if you are worried about your plants being left out in the cold, give us a call today at (360)567-6399. You can also contact us here or fill out a free estimate request form! Stay warm!



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