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Protecting Your Plants From Frost

Posted on by Urban Eden

Winter is just around the corner here in Camas & Washougal, and Vancouver Washington. Winter brings cold temperatures and the threat of frost and freezing. If you’re worried about your plants dying due to cold weather, there are several things you can do to prevent this.

Covering Plants

Frost on a Plant LeafYou can purchase a special plant cover to ensure your plants stay safe from frost. You can also cover your plants with old blankets (or other fabric) or even burlap. Whatever route you take, these materials help insulate your plants in the evening and early morning hours and keep frost from accumulating on your plants. However, it is important to take these covering off during the sunny day-time hours to ensure your plants will get the benefit of the sun’s nourishing rays. If left on all winter, your plants will die from lack of sunlight, which is, obviously, counterproductive.

Cold Frames and Raised Garden Beds

Another route taken by many to protect plants against frost is putting them in cold frames or planting them in raised garden beds.

Raised Garden Beds

A raised garden bed is, in essence, a frame or box (without a top) that raises your plants higher off the ground. Planting in a raised garden bed not only helps in insulating plants against the cold, but it also allows for weed-free gardening as well as better drainage.

Cold Frames

A cold frame is much like a raised bed, with the main difference being that a cold frame has a transparent top. Most people use an old window with hinges or a piece of plastic to cover the box. Cold frames are, essentially, mini greenhouses and plants can grow within them all year round.

Mulching Plants

As we have discussed many times throughout our blogs, mulching your garden beds is extremely beneficial in insulating plants and their roots. Covering your plants with a thick layer of bark helps them fight against the cold temperatures, plus it adds a wonderful, finished look to your yard. Furthermore, as the mulch breaks down, it adds beneficial nutrients, ensuring a rich, healthy soil.

These are just a few methods for protecting your plants from frost. Urban Eden specializes in helping protect plants from frost and we would love to help you! If you’re worried about your plants freezing to death this winter, give us a call at (360) 567-6399, contact us here, or fill out a free estimate request form online. We look forward to helping you! Stay warm this winter!



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