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Preparing Your Yard for Winter

Posted on by Urban Eden

Winter has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and the temperature is dropping quickly in the Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington area. Although the need for mowing and weeding has slowed, there are plenty of other tasks that need to be performed throughout winter to keep your yard healthy throughout the year. So, here are a few tips for preparing your yard for winter.


The trees have finally dropped most (if not all) of their leaves. If you have not already raked and removed them from your lawn, it is extremely important to do so as soon as possible. Leaves left on the ground this time of year will become saturated and will freeze in massive clumps, making them even more difficult to remove. Piles of leaves in your lawn will cause dead and patchy spots that are unsightly and will cost you time and money to repair. Additionally, leaves left in the yard can spread fungus and disease which can further harm your lawn.

Aerating and Dethatching

Now is also a great time to remove the built-up thatch from your yard. Thatch is simply debris that builds up in your lawn. Thatch blocks moisture and sunlight from penetrating down into the soil, robbing your lawn of the nutrients it needs to survive, that is why it is important to dethatch annually.

Aerating is also an essential task for keeping your lawn healthy as well. Aerating is the process of perforating small holes throughout your lawn. These holes allow sunlight and moisture to penetrate the roots of your grass, enabling it to grow lush and stay healthy throughout the year. Aerating also relieves compaction that occurs and can put further stress on your lawn, inhibiting growth.

Trimming and Pruning

Since most trees and shrubs go dormant during the colder months, winter is a great time to take care of cleaning up these types of plants. Performing this task during the dormant season ensures that trees and shrubs are not shocked by the process of trimming and pruning and also ensures that they will grow healthily throughout the growing season.


Once colder temperatures roll in, plants begin to go dormant and die off. Cutting these plants to within an inch or so off the ground is ideal. Cutting perennials down this low stops them from rotting and enables them to grow back healthy in the spring.


Now is one of the best times to add mulch to your garden beds. There are many benefits to adding mulch or bark to your yard. Mulching garden beds is a great insulator and protects your desirable plants from the frost and freezing temperatures. Mulch also helps block any weeds from sprouting up in your yards, especially during spring and summer. One more benefit of mulch is that, as it breaks down, it adds essential nutrients to your soil and healthy soil is ideal for maintaining the health of your plants.

During these colder months, it can be difficult to find the time and the energy to tackle these tasks. That’s why Urban Eden Landscaping is here to help! No matter the temperature we will be there to care for your yard! Give us a call at (360)567-6399, fill out a free estimate request form online, or contact us today. Stay warm this holiday season!



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