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Save Time and Effort with Our Leaf Clean Up Services

Leave the leaves to the pros at Urban Eden Landscaping! Our lawn care service crews don’t just create great outdoor spaces by planting and pruning – we clean up, too. And for some homeowners in Vancouver, Washington, help cleaning up a yard can save them from devoting unnecessary time to a multi-day project.

Make leaf removal faster and easier by hiring our professional yard cleaners. Because we offer a wide range of landscaping services, our leaf removal considers other features of your yard during the process and makes sure everything looks great before we leave.

We know how easy it is to forgo raking the yard after deciduous trees like maples and oaks have lost their leaves in October and November. It’s even kind of nice to let them blanket the yard in yellows, greens, and reds for a while.

But once it starts to rain, that joy quickly turns to disappointment. And the thought of raking leaves that have more than doubled in weight due to moisture becomes something most homeowners would rather not do.

Our team can even take care of pine needles – we know how sticky those can be! And trying to avoid tracking them in the house and car can be an endless pursuit. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll be happy to customize our leaf clean up services to your needs.

How Urban Eden cares for your lawn

Our leaf cleanup crew takes great care to remove leaves from the most open areas of the yard to the darkest corners behind shrubs, tree trunks, and grasses. Our experience and genuine love for yard care means we are responsible and respectful – careful not to damage delicate landscaping features.

We want you to enjoy your lawn, not feel like it’s an ongoing chore! We gather fallen leaves into neat piles and haul them away to be composted or reused as nutrient-rich mulch.

Leaves that are left on the ground become saturated with rainwater and can freeze, creating large clusters that are very difficult to remove. Leaf piles also lead to dead or moldy areas in your lawn and may be expensive or labor-intensive to remove and restore what’s underneath. 

It’s very important to remove leaves from your lawn before they cause damage to the plants and grass beneath. We also help you decide if you’d like to use the leaves to protect flower beds from upcoming winter frost.

Because leaves retain so much moisture, they are highly effective at protecting root systems and plants from freezing temperatures. And dead leaves have the added benefit of enriching the soil as they break down.

Leaf Removal

Complete Leaf Removal for Any Season!

In Vancouver, fallen leaves can linger year-round. And we recommend more than one leaf removal service during the fall and winter months – some experts even say leaves should be removed weekly to avoid detrimental buildup in your yard.

Keep your outdoor spaces healthy and cared for by calling us for yard clean up, leaf removal, and a variety of other lawn care services.

Call Urban Eden to remove leaves and debris from your yard today!