Tree Pruning Vancouver WA

Expert Tree Pruning in Vancouver, Washington

Trees and shrubs serve a variety of purposes and can be used for hedges, noise or wind reduction, and even for privacy.

But all urban trees and shrubs require care. Tree pruning is considered good preventative maintenance and is an essential part of any lawn care service. However, climbing ladders with shears or saws is risky work for the untrained. Leave it to us to care for your landscape safely and effectively.

And since trees and shrubs are dormant for the cold months, late fall and winter are ideal for branch and limb trimming. Proper timing also ensures that trees in their formative years aren’t shocked by the process, resulting in a healthier, more prolific growing season.

Urban Eden Landscaping removes dead, damaged, or diseased branches from young to well-established trees in order to improve the long-term growth and aesthetics of the plant.

Our crew is comprised of talented horticultural experts who apply the right principles in the right situations. Your tree pruner works carefully to promote flower and fruit development if needed, maintain desired forms, control plant size and appearance, while at the same time protecting your safety by removing hazardous branches and overhangs.

If you have a tree that’s interfering with a fence, neighboring yard, or walkway, we use best practices to remove the problem areas while retaining its beauty and overall shape.

Why choose Urban Eden for tree trimming and pruning service?

The team at Urban Eden not only provides personable service, we offer comprehensive landscape maintenance services, including:

  • Large and Small Branch Pruning
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Pruning for Young or Established Trees
  • Overgrown Branch Removal
  • Trimming to Control Size and Shape
  • Pruning to Promote Tree Health
  • Tree Pruning to Increase Sunlight for Gardens and Grassy Areas

Landscaped Yard

Why do Trees Need Pruning?

Unlike their wild counterparts, urban trees need to be trimmed in order to protect people and property as well as to create a pleasant appearance.

Our landscaping professionals know the best practices for all types of trees – including proper pruning so the tree doesn’t appear to have been pruned.

Removal or thinning of branches is sometimes necessary for increased light exposure and air circulation in the tree canopy. For this types of work, we feel a licensed arborist is best suited. We are happy to refer you to the most reputable one in the Vancouver area.

We maintain the natural look of trees by considering proper spacing, only removing problem branches, and always leaving the leader intact. Our team has the experience and knowledge to know exactly where to cut in order to prevent damage to the tree and its connecting branches.

Deciduous trees drop loads of leaves every fall – so if you’re not ready to prune the branches, let us know if you’d like help with full yard or leaf clean up! We also offer mulching for areas around the bases of trees and in gardens.

Urban Eden Landscaping offers professional tree maintenance for Vancouver, Washington homes and businesses. Call today for a free estimate!