Lawn Care Vancouver WA

Complete Lawn Care for Vancouver, Washington

When it comes to lawn care, Vancouver residents have options.

And even though most lawn care services offer similar services, not all of them offer the same quality. At Urban Eden Landscaping, our customers know that we go beyond expectations consistently.

Our team understands homeownership and what it takes to keep our properties looking great year round. We also understand the hard work that Northwest lawns demand. With back-to-back months of cold rain and wind, heading out for a yard project is often the last thing you want to do.

Scheduling a professional lawn maintenance crew to alleviate you of the arduous task of weeding, mowing, trimming, and pruning, means you can get back to the things you’d rather be doing.

Why Hire a Lawn Care Company?

The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a study recently that suggested Americans are overconfident in their lawn care knowledge. They discovered that 1 in 3 aren’t sure how often a lawn needs watering and that nearly 70% think their lawn needs improvement. Their questions revealed that the majority of homeowners falsely believe that lawns that aren’t green, aren’t healthy. Furthermore, their ideas about when fertilizer needs to be applied are way off base.

The benefits of hiring our landscaping and lawn care team go beyond making landscapes look pretty. Having a reliable, local company to care for your lawn on an ongoing basis gives you more free time while ensuring that your home is still being well taken care of.

What kind of lawn maintenance does Urban Eden Landscaping offer?

Our services run the gamut and are performed by professionals who are hardworking, personable, and expert horticulturalists. If you want to learn more about how your landscaping works, talk to your lawn maintenance crew.

They can help highlight areas of your yard that need attention and create a customized, long-term plan for keeping your outdoor spaces beautiful year round.

Lawn maintenance services we provide include:

  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Preparing Lawns for Winter
  • Lawn Repair
  • Hedge Trimming
  • Lawn Mowing and Cleanup
  • Weed Control
  • Bamboo Removal
  • Bark and Mulch Delivery and Installation
  • Dethatching and Aerating
  • Blackberry Bush and Invasive Ivy Removal
  • Grass Treatments
  • Yard Clean Up
  • Pet Waste Removal

Lawn Maintenance Vancouver WA

Maintaining Your Yard Shouldn’t be Hard

Anyone who has spent the day pulling weeds, raking leaves, and trimming branches, understands the backbreaking work involved in lawn care.

However, our crew has the right high-end equipment to care for large areas efficiently without causing damage to your property.

We use commercial-grade mowers, aerators, and dethatchers with a wider cutting area and more precise abilities than any store-bought equipment. We also work with HOAs to meet strict standards and help duplex and townhouse owners avoid fines.

If you don’t want to think about yard maintenance, then don’t! We’ll take care of it for you. Call for a free estimate and consultation today.

Call us to help with your next yard project in Vancouver, WA!