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The Importance of Winter Cleanups

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

As the cold weather comes around again and the winds begin to pick up here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, many of us take that as a sign to head inside and neglect the outdoor work that needs to be done. However, getting out there and getting things done can make the upcoming spring a lot less of a headache. In this blog, we’ll dive into why completing your winter yard work is important. We’ll also go over a couple of tips for making life easier through the cold season.

Protecting Your Lawn

Letting fallen leaves accumulate on your lawn will smother the grass by restricting airflow and sunlight from reaching the lawn beneath. This can lead to mold, disease, and create the perfect environment for unwanted pests. Removing these leaves will ensure a healthy and breathable lawn.

Preventing Pest Infestations

A big pile of leaves creates a perfect place for pests, rodents, and insects to set up shop during the colder months. Cleaning up your lawn will reduce the odds of infestation. This creates a cleaner and pest-free environment.

Minimizing Water Diseases

Any damp and decaying organic material left on your landscape can cause diseases that will affect your plants and trees. By removing these nasty decomposing materials from your property, you reduce the likelihood of diseases like mold, mildew, and fungus from taking over. You’ll also want to make sure organic materials are not piling up in still water like buckets, wheelbarrows, et cetera.

Promoting Soil Health

Allowing fallen leaves to pile up on your lawn will prevent water from reaching the roots and inhibit the exchange of gasses crucial for grass growth. Regular winter cleanups promote soil aeration, enhances water penetration, and facilitates the flow of nutrients towards the roots, creating a healthy soil ecosystem.

Preventing Winter Lawn Diseases

When conditions are conducive to their development, certain lawn diseases, such as snow mold, can manifest during the winter. Snow mold thrives on decaying organic matter, making clearing your yard of debris crucial for prevention. A freshly cleaned and well-maintained lawn is less susceptible to diseases.

Preparing For Spring

Your winter cleanup isn’t just about getting all the winter work done, it’s about preparation for the next season of growth: Spring. Removing dead plants, trimming shrubs, and preparing the soil in the winter months ensures that your garden is ready for the new growth once the warmer weather arrives.

Preserving Hardscapes and Structures

By forgetting, or choosing not to pick up fallen debris, you leave hardscapes and outdoor structures at risk of being damaged. Also, leaves often accumulate in gutters which can cause water damage and flooding. Properly cleaning up your structures and hardscapes protects these outdoor investments and ensures they remain in good condition. 

Winter cleanup is more than just a seasonal task, it’s an opportunity to get ahead of the game and receive a healthy and aesthetically pleasing lawn with less time and effort. Nobody wants to deal with a neglected lawn come springtime, especially when everything is out of control. Embrace cleaning up in wintertime, and watch your efforts bring you the outdoor environment you desire. If you’d like to get ahead on your landscape tasks, contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request form now.



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