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Winter Clean-Up

Posted on by Urban Eden

We are officially halfway through winter here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington. Many of us make the mistake to ignore our landscapes during this time of year, simply because the grass has slowed its growth. The truth is, however, that there is still plenty of tasks that should be completed during the colder months.

Bed Clean-Up

Not only does the growth rate of grass decrease during the cold months of the year but weed growth does as well. That makes it easier to clear out and clean up garden and flower beds as the undesirable plant growth will not immediately return. Unlike spring and summer, when the battle against weed growth seems never-ending, winter requires less effort to maintain and keep these beds weed-free. This makes winter one of the best times to completely overhaul the beds throughout your property.


Speaking of garden and flower beds, another great task to complete during this time of year is adding mulch to these areas as well. Mulch helps to block sunlight and slows the germination rate of undesirable plants. In other words, adding mulch to your beds in winter not only keeps weed growth down during the cold months but also gives you a head-start at combatting these undesirable plants during the growing season of spring and summer. Mulch also has a variety of beneficial attributes during all other times of the year.

Lawn Clean-Up/Debris Removal

Another task to consider performing during the winter months is ensuring your lawn is free of debris. Debris, such as leaves and branches, that is left to rest on your lawn for any extended period of time can wreak havoc on the health and look of your grass. Leaves, specifically, can quickly smother your lawn, creating brown or bald patches throughout your otherwise lush lawn. That is why it is important to quickly remove this debris as often as possible.


One final task we will mention here is fertilizing your lawn. During the winter, your lawn is dormant, surviving off of nutrients it has stored during the warmer months of the year. Therefore, by the time winter is over, and your grass is waking from dormancy, it has depleted a lot of its stored nutrients. If your lawn does not have the proper nutrients during spring, it can die off, brownout, or otherwise struggle to maintain its lush and healthy appearance. Adding fertilizer to your lawn in winter can help to give your lawn the nutrients it will need when the dormant period ends. Essentially, by adding fertilizer in winter, you are ensuring your lawn will return happy and healthy.

These are a few tasks to consider performing during the winter months, but there are more that will help keep your lawn looking great year-round, like aerating and dethatching (click here for more information). If you are in need of help cleaning up your property, give our experienced team at Urban Eden Landscaping a call at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE estimate request online.



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