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Aerating and Dethatching Your Lawn

Posted on by Urban Eden

It is finally springtime in Camas, Vancouver, and Washougal, Washington! Spring is a great time to aerate and dethatch your lawn. This post will discuss the process and benefits of aerating and dethatching your lawn.


What is Aerating?

Aerating is a service that should be performed yearly. The process is rather uncomplicated; aeration is the process of punching small holes throughout the entirety of the lawn. One option for aerating is to do it manually with a manual aerator, though this way can be a time-consuming process. The other option is to use a powered aerator, which makes the job considerably less time-consuming.

What are the Benefits of Aerating? 

The process of aerating has several benefits. Punching holes throughout your lawn relieves the often-compacted soil, which can make it difficult for grass to grow healthily.

Aerating also loosens built-up thatch which can smother the growth and lushness of your lawn. Perhaps the most important benefit of aerating your lawn is the fact that, through the holes, more air, light and moisture can reach deeper into the root system of your lawn. These are essential elements that every lawn craves.

Furthermore, creating a healthy root system creates a happier, healthier lawn.


What is Dethatching?

Dethatching is another service that should be performed annually and goes hand-in-hand with aerating. Throughout the year, dead grass and other debris (which is known as thatch), build up in your lawn.

This thatch smothers or, at the very least, hinders new lawn growth. Dethatching, therefore, is the process whereby all of this built of thatch is removed from the lawn. Similarly, to aerating, dethatching can be performed manually or by a power tool.

A manual dethatching rake is dragged along the surface of your lawn pulling up the thatch; the manual process can be an extremely time consuming one. The other option is to use a powered dethatcher often called a “power rake,” which makes this process a lot faster.

Either option you use will work and will pull up any thatch left lying in your lawn. Once the thatch is pulled up, by whatever method chosen, it will need to be raked into piles and removed from the lawn.

What are the Benefits of Dethatching? 

As stated above, thatch build-up hinders the growth of your lawn. Thatch blocks sunlight, moisture and other nutrients from penetrating deep into the soil. These essential elements, which every lawn needs to be healthy, will ensure your lawn looks great all year long. Here is some further information about aerating and dethatching.

Dethatching and aerating should be done in combination for the most benefits. Although the process can be time-consuming, if you want your lawn to be lush and healthy, it is an essential service that should be performed at least once a year. If this sounds like an intimidating process, fear not!

Urban Eden would love to help!  We have all the tools and expertise to get the job done right and in a timely manner. Contact us today, or call (360)567-6399 or fill out a free estimate request form now! Enjoy the sunshine!



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