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What is Dethatching?

Posted on by Urban Eden
Weed Control Dethatching & Aerating in Camas

Spring is in full force here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington. Lawns are waking from dormancy and are in need of some care and attention. One of the most beneficial things to do for your lawn during this time of year is to dethatch. But what is dethatching and how is it beneficial? This blog will discuss the process of dethatching and how it greatly benefits the health and happiness of your lawn.

What is Dethatching?

Dethatching is the process of removing built-up thatch in your lawn. Thatch is simply dead grass and other debris that has built up below the blades of grass atop the soil. Therefore, dethatching is the removal of this built-up debris. Removing thatch from your lawn allows moisture, sunlight, and other nutrients to reach further into the roots of your grass, creating a healthier, greener lawn.

Dethatching Tools and Process

When dethatching your lawn, there are two main types of tools that can be used: A manual thatch rake and a “power rake.” A manual thatch rake is simply a specialized rake that you pull through every inch of your lawn to tear up thatch. A power rake is a piece of powered equipment that resembles a lawn mower; once the machine has been engaged, maneuver it over your entire lawn, much like you would when mowing. For smaller lawns, a manual thatch rake can easily be used. However, for most average to large sized yards, a power rake is recommended. Whichever option is chosen, once the lawn has been worked by a dethatcher, you must rake up (with a standard, fan rake) all of the thatch into piles and remove it from the lawn.

When to Dethatch

The best time to dethatch your lawn in Washington is during early fall or spring. Urban Eden suggests dethatching during the spring growing season, as it allows your lawn to easily recover and “bounce back” more quickly. Dethatching should be performed on an annual basis. We also suggest aerating in combination with dethatching to give you the healthiest, eye-appealing lawn possible.

At Urban Eden Landscaping, we have years of experience in caring for lawns. We have all of the necessary tools to properly dethatch your lawn or to perform a plethora of other lawn care services as well. If you are in need of assistance in caring for your landscape, give Urban Eden a call today at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE estimate request.



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