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Leaf Clean-up and Removal

Posted on by Urban Eden

It’s fall yet again here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington and the leaves have already begun to change through their various breathtaking colors. However, this also means that the leaves have begun to fall and pile up in your lawn, in your driveway, and in your gutters. It is essential to the health of these areas to clean up this leaf litter.

Leaves and Your Lawn

Your lawn needs air and sunlight to continue to grow and flourish. Fallen leaves block both the air and the light that your lawn desperately needs. Leaves can suffocate your lawn and cause certain spots to die. This causes brown patches of grass that is nearly impossible to properly revive. Instead of letting the leaves lay where they have fallen, you can easily rake them up and compost them. Furthermore, if you possess a mower with a mulching option, you can mow right over these leaves and use the collected leaf mulch to cover plant and flower beds. Covering these beds help to protect them from the harsh winter temperatures.

Leaves and Your Driveway

Cleaning the leaves in your driveway and walkways is also essential. If leaves are left unchecked in these areas, not only does it look unkempt, but it can also become slippery and pose a hazard to walking and driving in these areas. Furthermore, once the first frost hits, they will become glued to these areas and prove quite difficult to fully remove.

Leaves and Your Gutters

Cleaning the leaf debris that makes its way into your gutters is also an important task. Gutters are designed to move water out and away from your house, ensuring erosion is unable to occur. If gutters are not properly cleaned, they are easily clogged, overfilling and posing a threat to your house, your foundation and your lawn.

Although leaves can be quite beautiful, they can also cause many problems for your home and lawn. Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help keep your property tidy and leaf-free all year round. Contact us today or fill out a FREE estimate request form.



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