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The Importance of Leaf Removal

Posted on by Urban Eden

Fall is upon us in Vancouver, Camas and Washougal, Washington and, with it, comes seemingly endless amounts of leaves! While watching the leaves change colors throughout the seasons may be a delightful sight, cleaning up after them can prove rather difficult and tiresome. If leaves are left unchecked, they can be rather detrimental to the health of your lawn.

Protect Your Lawn

In the Pacific Northwest, we love our trees! However, they provide an ample supply of falling leaves that can be quite a challenge to keep up with. Even more challenging is the fact that leaves do not all drop at once; so, you are having to continuously rake leaves from your lawn. This is important because keeping leaves from collecting on your lawn is essential for a lush and healthy lawn.

Leaves that are allowed to cover your lawn, deprive the grass of two very essential things: air and light. Without these necessities, lawns will quickly die off, costing homeowners lots of money when they go to revitalize their lawns in the spring. Leaves are also great at keeping moisture in, which creates an overabundance of moisture in the areas that they fall, which isn’t good for lawns. This overabundance of moisture is the perfect breeding ground for molds and fungi to grow in your lawn causing unsightly patches to form. Brown, dead, and patchy spots quickly develop on lawns that are left saturated in leaves, even if only for a few days. That is why it is so important to remove fallen leaves from your lawn as quickly as possible.

Using or Removing Leaves

Although leaves are extremely detrimental to your lawn, they can be used in other places in your yard. Since leaves are great at moisture retention, they make a wonderful mulch for flower beds or around trees and other plants. Piling leaves in these types of areas will not only retain moisture, but will also retain warmth, which will help protect your plants from the winter’s freezing temperatures. Furthermore, as leaves break down into compost, they add much-needed nutrients to the soil.

If you have too many leaves or you do not want to have piles of leaves in your yard, they can easily be hauled away by a local landscape company, like Urban Eden. Furthermore, landscape companies have the appropriate tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Experts say you should remove leaves every 7-10 days to avoid the negative effects of debris on your lawn and Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help!

Contact us today, call us at (360)567-6399 or fill out a free estimate form online so we can start helping you maintain your yard, keeping it leaf-free and looking lush and fantastic all year round!



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