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Creating Privacy with Trees

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

As our lives become increasingly intertwined with technology, finding ways to carve out personal space becomes a necessity. The best economic solution to this modern-day problem is to create a natural privacy barrier. In this post, we will explain the benefits of incorporating trees to enhance privacy in your living space in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, along with some tips on selecting the right species and proper maintenance.

Benefits Of Natural Privacy

Aesthetic Appeal

Trees naturally bring a beautiful hint of nature to any environment. Besides just being a screen of privacy, they enhance the visual appeal of your property. This, in turn, enhances the aesthetic of your landscape.

Environmental Benefits

Trees play a vital role in producing oxygen for our atmosphere. By planting more trees for privacy, you contribute to a healthier local environment. This helps against the negative effects of urbanization. 

Noise Reduction 

The rustling of leaves and the absorption of sound make trees very effective natural noise barriers. Whether you live in a city full of people or a suburban neighborhood, trees can help muffle unwanted noise and create a calm environment. 

Temperature Control

Trees provide shade, reducing the impact of direct sunlight to your property. This not only helps by creating a comfortable and cool outdoor space but contributes to energy efficiency by lowering cooling costs during hot seasons.

Choosing The Right Trees

Evergreen vs Deciduous

Evergreen trees retain their foliage throughout the year, allowing for year-round privacy. Deciduous trees, on the other hand, lose their leaves during the fall season, allowing sunlight to flow through the branches during the colder winter months. Therefore, it is important that you choose your trees based on your privacy and environmental needs. 

Size & Shape

Some trees will grow tall and skinny while others will grow wider and plumper. Obviously, a wider tree will require more headroom, but will provide more overhead cover. Take these into consideration before choosing which species of tree best suits your needs.

Maintaining Privacy Trees

Regular Pruning 

Keep your privacy trees healthy and attractive by pruning them regularly. This will help ensure that their size and shape best fit their intended purpose without overgrowth. Also, be sure to trim any damaged or diseased portions of the tree often as well.

Watering & Fertilization

Provide your privacy trees with both enough water and nutrients to promote healthy growth. Doing this will ensure that your plants remain both full and healthy throughout their lives.

Personal space is often compromised, but the simple act of planting trees can create a sanctuary of privacy. Beyond their visible appeal, trees offer lots of environmental benefits, making them a sustainable solution. Therefore, consider doing yourself, as well as the environment, a favor by getting the privacy you deserve. Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help install and maintain your privacy trees. Contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request online.



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