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Shade-Loving Plants In Washington State

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

In an area like Washington State with such diverse landscapes, ranging from growing rainforest to dry plains, it offers a wide variety of flora. Because Washington is known for its beautiful wildflowers and endless trees, people tend to forget about the shade-loving plants that thrive in the shadows. It doesn’t matter if your garden is within the darkness of towering trees, or if you just love the calm and cool aspect of shaded places, this blog will help you get to know a range of different plants that flourish in the shade of Washington.


Maidenhair Fern: This delicate fern thrives in the moist, cool soils of shaded forests. It adds an almost heavenly touch to your garden and is the perfect plant for the climate of Washington

Sword Fern: Being a native evergreen fern, the sword fern is a staple in Washington’s shaded landscapes. Its dark green fronds add a unique texture and depth, creating an elegant backdrop for other shade-loving plants.


Bleeding Heart: Known for its easily memorable heart-shaped flowers, the bleeding heart does amazingly well in partial shade. Its arching stems, made more attractive by the downward hanging blooms, bring a touch of romance to shaded garden areas. 

Hostas: These plants have a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making hostas a rather popular choice for many people. These hardy perennials can make even the darkest corners of your garden more intriguing. 


Periwinkle: Being a low-maintenance ground cover, periwinkle produces shiny and smooth green foliage and pretty violet-blue flowers. It works great for suppressing weeds and adding a splash of color to dimmer areas. 

Foamflower: The foamflower’s graceful blooms, as well as heart-shaped leaves, make it a charming groundcover for shady spots. This groundcover also captivates the attention of pollinators, bringing a hint of biodiversity to your garden spaces.


Rhododendrons: The state of Washington is home to a large number of native rhododendron species that prosper within the shaded woodlands. These evergreen shrubs explode with color in the spring, from lighter pinks to an almost energetic purple. 

Oregon Grape: This native evergreen shrub has soft and spiky leaves and bright yellow flowers. Since it produces berries, it also attracts birds, adding a touch of wildlife to your shaded garden.

As you continue your journey towards creating a successful shade garden in Washington State, consider the extraordinary beauty that shade plants will bring to your landscape. These plants will not only survive but flourish in the cool embrace of shade. Urban Eden Landscaping is always here to help you create a beautiful landscape. Contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request online.



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