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Driveway Pressure Washing

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Let’s face it, our hardscapes get pretty dirty throughout the year here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington. When visitors arrive at your house, park their car and get out, one of the first things they notice about your property is the driveway. What do you want your visitors to think about your home? As long as you don’t overlook the power of pressure washing your driveway, you won’t ever have to worry about that. In this blog, you’ll learn the benefits of pressure washing your driveway as well as what pressure washing is as a whole.

Why Pressure Wash?

Every year your driveway builds up dirt, grime, oil stains, pollen, and many other substances. These make surfaces look unappealing and, sometimes, downright ugly, all while slowly damaging the material beneath. These elements also pose safety concerns, especially for the young or elderly who are at higher risk of injury. Once stubborn stains occur on our hardscapes, soap and scrubbing can only get you so far, and that’s where pressure washing comes in. Using a pressure washer provides a fast and powerful water stream that removes contaminants from almost any surface, leaving it looking fresh and clean. Not to mention, pressure washing saves you loads of time and energy.

Benefits Of Driveway Pressure Washing

Curb Appeal:

Keeping a clean driveway will always improve the overall appearance of your home, forming a welcoming and comfortable environment for family and guests. Improving your homes appearance translates into more curb appeal.

Prevents Damages:

Routine pressure washing will remove any harmful substances that slowly deteriorate the surface beneath. This helps contribute to longevity while minimizing the number of costly repairs that come with not taking good care of your driveway. 

Increased Safety:

Algae, mold, oil stains, and even leaf litter all create a slippery and unsafe surface for people to walk on. Pressure washing efficiently removes all of these hazards, making your driveway safer for everyone who uses it. 

Increased Property Value:

Keeping a properly maintained outdoor space will always increase your property’s value. By investing in pressure washing, you not only make your driveway clean and presentable but also give yourself leverage on your home if you ever want to sell. 


Pressure washing doesn’t require harsh chemicals that can harm plants or wildlife, making for an eco-friendly cleaning solution, especially compared to some other methods.

DIY Vs. Professional Pressure Washing

Even though pressure washing kits are available at hardware stores, hiring a professional usually provides the best results. Professional pressure washing companies have expertise, knowledge, equipment, and experience to tackle even the toughest stains effectively. They also ensure that no damages are caused to your property. Overall, professionals will take the hassle of cleaning your driveway off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your priorities, while they handle cleaning your driveway, saving you time and effort.

When it comes to your home, your driveway is more than a walkway and a parking spot, it’s a focal point that can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. When you invest in routine pressure washing, you allow for your driveway to not only look phenomenal but also fight against damages and safety concerns. We would love to help with pressure washing your driveway or other hardscapes. Contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request for now!



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