Is your lawn as healthy as it should be?

A healthy lawn isn’t just grown; it’s cared for. There is a broad range of reasons a lawn may become unhealthy. If it’s frequently walked on, recent construction occurred, debris covers it, or your sod is installed incorrectly it can lead to weak growth. At Urban Eden Landscaping we’re committed to the health of your lawn. Dethatching and aeration help your lawn in Camas to grow. It does this by allowing nutrients, air, and water to enter the soil and reach the grass roots.

Can dethatching and aeration improve your lawn?

Soil compaction hurts your lawn. It leads to dry, thin grasses. Compaction can also cause seed and grass rot turning your lawn into a muddy mess. You may not even know your lawn is compacted. This compaction can occur at different soil levels, leading to unique problems. The outcome is the same, though. You won’t achieve the full, vibrant, and green lawn you want.

We dethatch your lawn to remove nutrient blocking thatch. Thatch is the layer of dead leaves, grasses, and weeds that cover the top layer of your soil. When it becomes too thick, it blocks fertilizers and sunlight while retaining moisture. Thick thatch kills grasses and can even disease your lawn. Dethatching allows nutrients, water, and sunlight to reach your green.

We aerate your lawn to decompress the soil and restore growth. Camas is beautiful, but a dying lawn detracts from the beauty of your home. Fine soil top layers, thatch, stripped topsoil, and compaction can all hurt your lawn. Aeration remedies this and allows nutrients, water, and oxygen to circulate freely in your soil. Aerating your soil helps grass grow faster, stronger, and support a much deeper root structure that naturally crowds out weeds.

Protect your yard with scheduled weed control services.

Dethatching & Lawn Aerating
Weeds are a common menace. Native and non-native weeds steal resources from your lawn. They block sunlight, crowd out desired plants, and grow quickly. Combining weed control with our dethatching and aeration services is the best way to strengthen your lawn. Our landscapers can identify and eliminate locally invasive weeds like:

  • Bull thistle, Canada thistle, and chickweed.
  • Dandelions, bindweed, and liverwort.
  • Redroot pigweed, tansy ragwort, and yellow nutsedge.
  • Bittercress, hawksbeard, and nightshade.
  • Blackberry and Ivy

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The sooner you act the better. Your lawn will continue to deteriorate without maintenance services. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. Our landscapers can restore your lawn so you can enjoy the outdoors again. Just call or contact us today for scheduling and any other lawn maintenance services.