Are blackberry bushes and ivy strangling your property?

Though they may be as common as evergreen trees, Northwest natives know how destructive ivy and blackberry bushes can be. They grow so quickly a small problem can become a grave one in no time. Removing these invaders must be performed correctly. Improper removal can damage your property and landscape. That’s why Urban Eden Landscaping is your trusted ivy and blackberry removal expert in Camas.

Do you know the dangers of invasive plants?

Blackberry Removal Camas
Climbing plants look appealing, but they cause severe damage. They work their way into structural cracks. Brick, wood, and siding are all susceptible. Once secure, they take root and grow. If the materials are already weakened these plants can expand. Blackberries and ivy also harbor pests. Rats and other creatures use them as a protective cover or home. The following materials are very prone to ivy damage.

  • Stacked materials like brick and stone without mortar.
  • Painted surfaces and stucco surfaces.
  • Wooden fences and wooden walls.
  • Old brick built homes and weakened brick structures.

Get professional ivy and blackberry removal today.

Ivy Removal Camas
We’re a local company. We built ourselves up based on our reputation and satisfactory work. It’s not enough to cut back creeping plants. The root structure must be removed as well—otherwise, they will grow back. Our landscapers take care of these root structures. We treat for and remove them to ensure these problematic plants won’t grow back. Don’t let your yard get overtaken. Call us for scheduling and a free estimate.

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These plants will continue to grow without removal services. They may even bring pests into your home while you wait for it to get just a little bit worse. Don’t wait. Get guaranteed blackberry removal today. We deliver on our promises, so call or contact us today. We provide a variety of other lawn care services including dog poop removal, pruning, and mulch.