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Summer Yard Care Tips

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Summer in Washington State is fully upon us and what better time to enjoy all of our outdoor spaces. The warmer weather brings about a host of outdoor activities, but the summer heat can also put a strain on your lawn and plants. This blog post will briefly go over a few tips for keeping your landscape healthy during the summer, here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington.

Ensure a Healthy Lawn

If your lawn is well tended to then it should always be lush, green and healthy. A few simple tasks will ensure your lawn stays healthy and happy during the blistering months of summer.


Yearly aerating is the perfect way to make sure that your lawn is receiving all of the proper nutrients it needs to survive and thrive.


Built-up debris accumulates in and on your lawn throughout the year. Removing this debris (known as thatch) and relieving compaction (especially in combination with aerating) that naturally occurs can be done by dethatching yearly as well.


Fertilizing is one of the best ways to improve the health of your lawn. Fertilizing a few times throughout the year will guarantee that your lawn has all of the vital nutrients that it needs.


Weeds multiply and spread at a ridiculously rapid pace. Furthermore, weeds also steal nutrients that can better serve your lawn, garden, or other desirable plants. Removing these undesirable plants quickly can greatly benefit the health and happiness of your entire landscape. At Urban Eden Landscaping, we strive to perform weed removal as organically as possible.

Proper Watering

Though Washington has its fair share of rainfall (it’s one of the things that our state is known best for, after all!), the summer months often bring an abundance of dry days. Hence, it is incredibly important to water your lawn and garden beds often.

Watering your lawn should not be done in excess. Watering properly means knowing how much water your lawn and plants need in order to survive. If you are able, drip irrigation is superior to most other forms of irrigation because it is less wasteful than using a traditional sprinkler.

Water your lawn and plants first thing in the morning if possible, as this will ensure the water does not quickly evaporate. Watering at night is often recommended as well but doing so in the evening can create the possibility of producing mold or fungus as the water sits for longer periods of time without evaporating any excess. Lawns, generally, need about 1 inch of water a week.


Mulching your garden and flower beds has numerous benefits. Applying mulch not only protects otherwise exposed soil throughout your landscape, but it’s also a great way to organically combat weeds by not allowing them oxygen to germinate and spread. Furthermore, as organic mulch breaks down and decomposes it adds nutrients to the soil, helping to build better soil. Mulch also protects against erosion throughout your landscape, as well as insulating plants against extreme heat or cold.

We’re Always Here to Help

This is simply a short list of beneficial tasks to perform in order to properly maintain the health of your landscape during summer. For the best results, you should consider hiring a professional lawn care company, like Urban Eden Landscaping. Any reliable lawn care service will ensure your lawns, garden, and flowerbeds are maintained efficiently. They have all of the best tools and skills to maintain your landscapes.

If you would like assistance in maintaining your landscape, consider contacting Urban Eden Landscaping today. You can also fill out our FREE online estimate request.



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