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Winter Yard Projects

Posted on by Urban Eden
Frost on a plant leaf

The holidays have passed and the winter months are beginning to truly take hold in Camas, Vancouver, and Washougal, Washington. Landscaping and lawn care may be the last things are on your mind. However, winter is an ideal time to take care of various landscaping tasks.

Pruning and Trimming

Winter is the dormant season for the Pacific Northwest. During dormancy is the best time to prune and trim most bushes, shrubs, and trees. Performing this task during the dormant period ensures that the plant is not shocked by the process and allows the plant to grow healthy and happy during the growing periods of spring and summer.

Flower Beds

Another important task to complete during the winter months is clearing out flower and garden beds. Leaves that have been left to rot since fall should be addressed as soon as possible. Clearing weeds and any other debris from these areas is essential to having a head start during the growing season. Furthermore, clearing out these areas avoids the growth of fungus and mold, ensuring the soil in these areas is healthy and will help produce proper growth of desirable plants.


If you are planning on planting bare root, evergreen, or fruit trees this year, winter is a great time to do so. Planting trees in the dormant winter season allows the plant to better establish its roots. Come springtime, your tree will have a much better chance at survival and will grow healthily during the growing season.

Adding Mulch

The addition of mulch to flower and garden beds has many benefits. Mulch or bark helps to insulate plants throughout the winter months, therefore, adding mulch during this time is beneficial. Furthermore, mulch holds moisture; this is a good thing even during the cold months of winter because wet soil tends to stay warmer than completely dry soil. Lastly, adding mulch during the dormant season helps to smother seeds from undesirable plants (weeds) not allowing those seeds to germinate. This cuts down on the amount of weeding that will need to be performed during the growing season.

General Cleanups

Much like cleaning out your flower or garden beds, cleaning up your entire yard is an essential task for keeping your lawn and yard looking great all year. Removing any debris, like leaves, twigs, and trash, is crucial when trying to establish or maintain a healthy yard. Allowing debris to rest on your lawn will create dead or brown spots that can become costly to fix. Winter storms create an abundance of debris that should be quickly dealt with as well.

Once the spring and summertime hit, lawn care professionals can be hard to come by. Therefore, contacting a professional lawn care company during the winter months is advised. A lawn care service will handle all of your winter lawn care needs and will keep your yard looking great through the growing season as well. If you sign up for a maintenance program in winter, you will be ahead of the game come spring, when it may be difficult to catch up with all of your yard needs.

Urban Eden Landscaping is well prepared to handle all of your lawn care maintenance needs. If you’d like some assistance with getting or staying caught up with your yard, call us today at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE online estimate request form.



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