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Yard Clean Up

Posted on by Urban Eden

Staying caught up with your landscape chores can be difficult in Vancouver, Camas, and Washougal, Washington areas. Leaves and other debris fall in abundance, desirable and undesirable plants, alike, grow quickly, and before your know it, your landscape can transform into an urban jungle. Often, the best and only way to get ahead is to administer a complete yard cleanup. This article will discuss some of the tasks entailed in any yard cleanup service.

Mowing and Edging

Perhaps one of the most obvious tasks to perform during any cleanup is mowing and edging. Depending on how much time has passed since your last mow, this task alone can be taxing. If the grass has grown to a foot or more, oftentimes a special mower, called a brush-hog, should be used in place of a standard mower. A brush-hog makes mowing tall grass a lot easier. If the grass is not too tall, a standard mower can be used to get the grass back to a desirable length. Once mowing has been completed, edging should be performed. Edging gives your yard a finished and healthy look, increasing the curb appeal of your lawn.

Debris Removal

Leaf litter and other debris often finds their way into your landscape, creating a messy look for any yard. Removing this debris is imperative to not only having a lush looking lawn, but also to the health of your lawn as well. Debris left unchecked in your lawn will create dead or brown patches, that promote the spread of disease throughout the rest of your lawn. Therefore, any good cleanup service should include removing debris immediately.

Weeding and Bed Cleaning

Another crucial task to perform during a cleanup is the removal of weeds and the clean out of any garden beds. Allowing any weeds to grow in your yard, encourages the spread of these undesirable plants. A cleanup service should, therefore, include the removal of these plants. Urban Eden strives to remove these weeds as organically as possible, which should be something to consider when performing this task. Keeping your yard as weed free as possible is essential to creating a healthy and beautiful looking landscape.

Trimming, Pruning, and Bramble Removal

During a cleanup service, all overgrown bushes, trees, and shrubs should be trimmed, pruned, or removed. Keeping your desirable shrubs trimmed keeps your yard looking well maintained, creating even more curb appeal. Furthermore, proper trimming and pruning encourages these plants to grow and keeps them healthy and happy.

Removing any unwanted blackberry, bramble, ivy, or bamboo is another essential part of any good cleanup. If these types of plants are allowed to grow unfettered, they will inevitably consume anything that stands in their way. Removing these plants is essential to the health and proper maintenance of your yard. For information about our blackberry, ivy and bamboo removal services, click here.

There are far more options to consider when doing a yard overhaul as well. On top of the tasks mentioned above, you should also consider adding mulch to your garden beds, aerating and dethatching, applying fertilizer to your lawn; the list goes on. This can seem a daunting task to most, but Urban Eden Landscaping is always here to help! If you’d like assistance with your yard cleanup or any other landscape service, call us today at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE online estimate request.



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