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Mulching Your Yard

Posted on by Urban Eden

Winter is approaching quickly, and, for us within the Camas, Vancouver, and Washougal, Washington areas, that means soggy and/or frozen yards. The cold weather can have adverse effects on your yard and plants. One great way to ensure the health of your plants is by mulching. Mulching has various other benefits as well, which we will cover below.


Mulching is a simple process that can help the look of your yard. Mulch comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, so there is always one that fits your taste and budget. Mulch can help accent your lawn, creating a beautiful looking landscape. If you need help in finding a bark that fits your taste, Urban Eden is here to help!


Applying mulch to your garden and plant beds helps to protect your desirable plants. Mulch creates a thick layer of insulation that protects plants from frost and freezing. Freezing temperatures can greatly impact your plants, irreparably harming them. Therefore, protecting your plants from frost and freezing is essential. Mulch acts as an insulating barrier and will help to increase the life and health of your plants.

Weed Control

Bark can also act as a barrier to protect against the growth and spread of undesirable plants, most commonly referred to as weeds. Mulch blocks sunlight and air from penetrating into the soil. Not allowing an abundance of sunlight and air to reach the soil, slows the germination process, and, therefore, slows the spread of undesirable plants.


Adding mulch to your garden beds adds much-needed nutrients to your soil.  As mulch breaks down and incorporates into your soil, it will add nutrients that are beneficial to the health of your plants and will help to establish a healthy soil around your yard.


Mulching not only insulates plants and adds nutrients to your soil, but it also helps retain moisture. Moisture retention is a good thing, especially during incredibly dry times of the year. Moisture is essential to the growth and healthiness of plants, so retaining it for as long as possible is ideal.

Urban Eden has all the necessary tools and experience to make installing mulch around your property quick and easy. If you’d like assistance with choosing your mulch type, installing mulch, or any other service that we provide, please call us at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out a free estimate request form online!



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