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Spring Cleanup Tasks

Posted on by Urban Eden

Spring has sprung here in Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington. With spring comes an abundance of tasks to complete in our landscapes. It is incredibly easy for most of us to overlook our landscapes during the colder months of winter, but spring often serves as a glaring reminder that we may have been neglecting our yards. Here, we will offer some essential tasks that should be performed during any well-rounded spring landscape cleanup.


An abundance of debris collects in our yards throughout the year. From branches and leaves to pet waste and garbage, debris has the tendency to accumulate throughout our yards. Removing this debris is important for maintaining the health of your lawn. This is why removing any debris from our yards is paramount and should be done as quickly as possible. Pet waste and litter should be picked up and disposed of properly, and leaves and branches should be raked and removed immediately.

Cleaning Out Flower/Garden Beds

Debris in flower and garden beds should be collected and removed, too! Afterward, any weeds that have been left to grow and spread should be dealt with as well. Weeds left unchecked and growing unfettered during this time of year will easily become more established, spreading their seeds, ensuring further weed growth, and will easily consume your desirable plants. Therefore, Urban Eden strongly suggests addressing these undesirable plants as soon as possible, preferably as organically as possible.

Edging and Mowing

One of the most obvious tasks to complete during an initial spring cleanup is mowing and edging. Once all debris has been removed from the lawns, edging and mowing can be completed. If you plan to follow all of the tasks mentioned here, mow slightly shorter than usual to accommodate for the following tasks. Once your lawn is mowed, you can move on to edging, which can be done with a manual or powered edger or, simply, with a string trimmer (please note: using a string trimmer to edge should be done with care and/or by a professional, as it requires a certain level of expertise).

Dethatching and Aerating

Throughout the year, your lawn becomes overwhelmed with dead grass and other debris that quickly accumulates into the depths of your lawn; this debris is known as thatch. Dethatching removes this built-up layer of debris, allowing more light, moisture, and air to reach the roots of your lawn. Also, throughout the year, compaction of your lawn occurs. Therefore, compaction is another issue that can threaten the health of your lawn. Aerating relieves this compaction by puncturing small holes throughout your lawn. Spring is one of the best times to perform these tasks to ensure you have the healthiest lawn possible during the growing season.

Fertilizing and Overseeding

If all of the above tasks have been completed, now is the perfect time to fertilize and overseed your lawn. Overseeding is simply the process of applying seed over your already established lawn. Overseeding is done to ensure your lawn is rich, full, lush, and healthy and, generally, improves the overall look of your lawn. Once a good helping of grass seed has been applied to your lawn, you can encourage the health of your lawn further by applying a trusted organic fertilizer. Fertilizer will help supplement any nutrients that your lawn may be lacking from surviving off of what was stored before winter.

Applying Mulch

One of the best (and most organic!) ways to stave off weed growth in your flower and garden beds is to never allow it to start. A great way to slow the germination, growth, and spread of undesirable plants is to apply a thick layer of mulch. A layer of your favorite mulch will not only inhibit weed growth, but it will also give your yard a “completed” and manicured look. There is an abundance of variety when it comes to mulches, which ensures there will be a type that fits your specific taste and preference.

There are even more tasks that could be completed during a spring cleanup (trimming and pruning, for example). However, if you completed all of the above tasks, your yard should be healthy and happy for the year to come. If you’d like some help completing this endless list of spring cleanup tasks, Urban Eden would love to take care of it for you. Contact us today or fill out on FREE estimate request online!



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