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5 Quick Tips for Winter Landscaping

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Winter weather can have dire effects on your lawn and landscaping. This is especially true in the Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington areas where winter weather can be extreme and unpredictable. Although winter may seem like a slow time for landscaping, it is an ideal time to prepare your lawn and landscape for the coming growing season. In order to encourage a healthy landscape throughout the year, we have composed a short list of 5 quick tips for winter landscaping.

1. Remove Debris and Leaves

It is extremely important to quickly remove leaves from areas they shouldn’t be left to rot. This is especially true for removing leaves from your lawn. Your lawn requires sunlight and oxygen (even in winter) and leaves block both of these from reaching your lawn. Without light and air, your lawn will quickly develop dead or patchy spots.

2. Clean Out Beds

As winter slows the growing of plants, now is the perfect time to cleanup flower and garden beds. Weed growth slows to a standstill during this period as well and offers you the opportunity to clean out the beds that may have been neglected throughout the rest of the year. Cleaning out these areas will also allow you to define the edges of the beds as well, giving them a shape that you are happy with. Furthermore, as spring approaches, these beds will be ready for planting.

3. Spread Mulch

With the beds cleaned out, you can add mulch to these areas. You should also apply mulch to other sensitive plants and trees as well. Adding mulch to your landscape has many benefits including weed control, combatting erosion, insulating plants, as well as adding nutrients to your soil.

4. Trim and Prune Trees, Shrubs, and Hedges

Winter is the ideal time to trim and prune your trees, hedges and shrubs. Trimming refers to the removal of overgrown portions of the plant. Pruning refers to the removal of dead or diseased parts of the plant. During the winter period, generally, trees, shrubs and hedges go dormant. Trimming and pruning these plants while they are dormant will protect them from the shock of shaping and removing portions of the plant.

5. Keep Lawn Healthy

Other than removing any debris or leaves from the surface of your lawn, another way to ensure your lawn remains healthy over the winter months is to avoid heavy foot traffic. This is especially true when there is snow on the ground. Too much foot traffic over the lawn during the wet season will create compaction. Compaction will restrict the growth and compromise the health of your lawn.

There are many more tasks to consider during this time of the year. If you start with these quick tips, however, you will be on the right track. Urban Eden Landscaping is committed to helping our clients establish and maintain a happy and healthy landscape all year round. If you would like to ensure your lawn and landscape is at its best, contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request form online!



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