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Winter Lawn Care

Posted on by Urban Eden

Winter has wrapped Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington in its cold and dreary embrace yet again. During the winter months, your lawn goes dormant. However, just because the grass slows its growth, doesn’t mean it does not need proper nurturing in order to remain healthy throughout the year. Here, we will discuss some tasks to perform to ensure your lawn is healthy year-round.


Aerating your lawn is a simple process that entails perforating small holes throughout the entirety of your lawn. This process ensures your lawn is receiving adequate moisture, oxygen, and light. You should perform this task before the first big frost of the year. Not only will aerating help ensure your lawn is receiving proper nutrients, but it will also help to relieve compaction that has settled in throughout the rest of the year.


After aeration has been performed on your lawn, another great task to consider is the fertilization of your lawn. During the winter months, your lawn’s roots absorb and store nutrients. These nutrients a later released to help jump start your lawn’s growth in spring. Applying fertilizer now ensures your lawn will have the appropriate and adequate amount of nutrients to help it look lush and healthy when the growing season begins.


Another overlooked task to consider performing during winter is the general clean-up of your lawn. Throughout fall and into winter, leaves, branches, and other debris have a tendency to accumulate in your lawn. If left unchecked, this debris can cause dead patches, disease, and other detrimental effects. Therefore, it is a good idea to overhaul your lawn areas at least once during the winter season. Also, do not forget to remove patio furniture and toys from your lawn as well.

Stay Off the Lawn

One final suggestion for caring for your lawn in winter is limiting the traffic on your lawn areas. An overabundance of traffic can cause compaction and quickly weaken the health of your lawn. It is advised to keep foot traffic to a minimum in order to combat the detrimental effects that this can have on your grass.

Urban Eden Landscaping has years of experience in caring for lawns during all seasons. If you would like some assistance with your winter lawn care, call us today at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE estimate request form online.



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