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Aerating your Lawn in Camas, Washington

Posted on by Urban Eden

Attaining a beautiful lawn takes hard work and dedication and that is especially true in Camas, Washougal and Vancouver, Washinton. It encompasses the proper practices of watering, fertilizing, and mowing. However, it is also important that you ensure that the proper nutrients can even reach the soil beneath the grass. Therefore, if you notice your lawn is not looking its best or that the water is not penetrating through the surface of the soil, then it’s probably time to aerate your lawn. Aerating can improve the health of your lawn by allowing air and water to break through the built-up thatch and compacted soil.

What is Aeration?

Aeration entails punching small holes into the soil of your lawn. These holes allow water, air, and other vital nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. Allowing these nutrients to better reach the grass roots enables the roots to grow more deeply, creating a stronger, healthier-looking lawn. In other words, aerating your lawn relieves the compaction of soil and allows essential nutrients to enrich your lawn.

Preparing your Lawn for Aeration

Thoroughly water your lawn at least a full day prior to aerating. Apply at least 1 inch of water to your lawn. Watering the lawn will help the aerator to more thoroughly penetrate the soil and will make pulling up the cores of soil easier. Be sure to make note and mark any sprinkler heads, so you can avoid them while aerating.

Aerating your Lawn

Rent or purchase an aerator. Run the aerator thoroughly over the lawn ensuring that you cover the whole lawn only once. Since an aerator is a tool, you will most likely not use very often, you can rent one from many local garden centers. Aerators are costly and it usually makes more sense for a homeowner to rent rather than purchase this equipment.

Final Step of Aeration

The soil cores in which the aerator pulls out of your lawn can either be left where they fall to decompose back into the lawn, or they can be raked into a pile and added to your compost. Lastly, apply grass seed and fertilize your lawn.

As one can easily see, aerating a lawn is somewhat complex and labor-intensive. If you would like assistance in aerating your lawn, Urban Eden Landscaping would love to help! Contact us today or fill out a free estimate form online.



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