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Urban Eden Lawn Blog

Leaf Clean-up and Removal

It’s fall yet again here in Camas, Washington and the leaves have already begun to change through various breathtaking colors. However, this also means that the leaves have begun to fall and pile up in your lawn, in your driveway, and in your gutters. It is essential to the health of these areas to clean up this leaf litter. » Read More

Storm Clean-Up

Stormy weather is returning to Washougal, Washington, which can leave your outdoor spaces damaged and disheveled. Luckily for you, Urban Eden Landscaping is here to help keep your yard looking fantastic even through the stormiest of seasons. » Read More

Fall Lawn Fertilization and Care

Fertilizing your lawn is extremely important in order to have a lush and healthy looking lawn in Camas, Washington. Ideally, you should fertilize your lawn twice a year, once in early fall and again in spring. However, if you can only fertilize your lawn once a year, then fall is the best time to do it. Fertilizing your lawn in fall ensures that your lawn has strong roots that are able to endure winter’s cold months. It also ensures that your lawn turns a lovely green in springtime. » Read More

Parking Lot Clean-up and Maintenance

Keeping your business’ parking lot clean and tidy is not only an important business practice, but an essential one in Camas, Washington. Your parking lot is the first thing that your current and potential customers or clients notice. This could easily effect your business in a positive or negative way. Having an unkempt or poorly maintained parking lot could negatively effect your business and suggest to potential clients that the business is poorly managed. On the other hand, having a well cared for parking lot shows that your company takes pride in it’s appearance and even cares for the community in which the company is operated. » Read More