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Tips for Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Posted on by Urban Eden
Leaf Removal

Fall is approaching rapidly in Vancouver, Camas and Washougal, Washington. Right now is the best time to start preparing your yard and outdoor spaces for the coming months. Here are some helpful guidelines to help get your yard looking great for the autumn months.

Weeding and Mulching

Taking care of any overgrown weeds is essential to a healthy lawn and garden; so be sure to clear out any weeds in these areas. Once you have all the weeds under control, it is a great idea to add a thick layer of mulch. Mulching discourages the growth of weeds; ensure the mulch is at least 2 inches thick, as this will decrease the likelihood that the weeds will return right away. Mulching also protects desirable plant roots from harsh autumn frosts. Lastly, remove any weeds that may be growing from cracks in pathways and driveways. Pouring boiling water or vinegar on these spots should help with ensuring that these weeds do not immediately return.

Cleaning Gutters

Fall brings the rainy season, especially here in Camas and Washougal. Since you will be relying on your gutters to divert the rain that falls on your roof, it’s a good idea to make sure they are well cleaned. A ladder, a bucket and some gloves are all it usually takes to clear out the dead leaves and other various debris that piles up inside gutters.

Pathways, Driveways, and Patios

Spring and summer can get very dusty, and pollen is usually pretty thick during these times as well. The dust and pollen settle and coats concrete pathways, driveways, patios and decks. Therefore, just before fall, it is a great idea to clean off these areas as best as possible, so they won’t look so dirty or start to deteriorate during the wetter, colder months. A pressure washing cleans these areas up nicely.

Prep Your Lawn and Yard

It is a good idea to fertilize your lawn before the first frost of the year. Fertilizing your lawn provides much needed nutrients that your lawn will need to survive the cold, wet winter months. Aerate your lawn to encourage good root development. Don’t forget about the rest of your yard. Be sure to trim back any lower hanging tree branches, and trim overgrown hedges or bushes. Rake any debris off of your lawn, out of flower beds, and away from the foundation of your home.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have your yard looking great in no time. However, hiring a landscape company, like Urban Eden Landscaping, will ensure that the job gets done effectively and efficiently. Contact us today or request a free estimate online!



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