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Snow-Covered Lawns: What to Avoid

Posted on by Urban Eden

With large amounts of snow predicted on the forecast for Camas, Washougal, and Vancouver, Washington, winter is here to stay, for now. That is why it is important to note a few things about how to deal with your snow-covered lawn.

Stay Off the Lawn

Snow is not inherently bad for your lawn and can actually be beneficial. However, walking over your snow-covered lawn can be detrimental. Because of the cold weather, grass blades become brittle and less flexible and can, therefore, be easily damaged.

Furthermore, walking on the snow-covered ground compacts the lawn and the snow even more, which can have devastating effects on your lawn; effects that you will be sure to notice come springtime. The areas of your lawn where snow has been compacted melts a lot slower than uncompacted areas. So, by the time the non-compressed areas have melted, and the lawn can again soak up the beneficial rays of the sun, the compacted areas are still covered by a layer of snow, which doesn’t allow sunlight to penetrate into the roots. This can cause brown or patchy spots in your lawn later on.

Avoid Shoveling

Many believe that shoveling snow off of your lawn is beneficial, but quite the opposite is true. Snow actually adds an insulative layer to your lawn. Removing this layer exposes your lawn to the cold, harsh elements of winter, which may result in harming your lawn, if not just killing large portions of it altogether.

Additionally, the very act of shoveling your lawn can have devastating effects as well. Shoveling can easily, and quite quickly, tear up large sections of lawn, which can become costly to fix later on.

The best thing to do for your lawn during snowy periods is to leave it alone. If you are looking for help with your lawn care, contact Urban Eden Landscaping today! Call us at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE online estimate request form.



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