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Blackberry Removal

Posted on by Urban Eden

Himalayan blackberries, also known as Armenian blackberries, are a fast-growing invasive weed, that is ever-present in Vancouver, Camas and Washougal, Washington. Left unchecked, these blackberry plants will consume everything in their path. Keeping these invasive plants at bay can be a challenging task; a task that Urban Eden is always happy to perform. Since Urban Eden likes to avoid the use of harmful chemicals and herbicides, this article will discuss ways for removing blackberry bushes without the using these substances.

Removing Blackberries by Hand

In order to make removing the blackberry plant possible, you first have to cut down the vines and canes to about 6 inches. You can do this with garden sheers or a powered clipper. After you have cut back the blackberry vines, you can proceed to pull as many from the ground as possible, making sure to remove as much of the root as you can. Using a pitchfork or other yard tool, can aid in getting the plant’s roots up. With larger canes, you can dig around the root with a shovel to help loosen them. After this, if deep roots still remain, you can cut as much as possible away from the area. You will most likely have to repeat this process once or twice a year for up to three years to fully remove the undesirable plant.

Removing Blackberries by Mowing

You can also mow over blackberry bushes to remove them as well. Start by removing any vines that may be too thick for a mower to handle. Then proceed to mow over all of the blackberry vines and canes. Once the blackberry plants have been mowed down to the ground, you can either leave the plant remains to mulch or you can remove them and cover it with a dense ground covering. If you plan to plant a lawn where the blackberries once grew, spread the grass seed immediately, and water often. If bare spots occur, add more grass seed to these areas of your newly growing yard. Use a string trimmer (weed eater) or lawn mower to take down any blackberry vines that begin to re-sprout. If you are persistent with removing the vines that grow, the once large and consuming plant will die, and you’ll be left with a lush lawn.

If neither of these choices for a chemical-free removal of blackberries appeals to you, you still have options! You can always hire a trusted and efficient landscaping crew, like Urban Eden Landscaping, to take care of the removal of your undesirable plants, like blackberry, ivy or bamboo. Contact us today or click here to request a free estimate!



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