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Fall Storm Cleanup

Posted on by Urban Eden Landscaping

Fall weather is right on time this year in Camas, Washougal and Vancouver, Washington. With fall comes an onslaught of stormy weather. High winds and rain, downed trees and limbs, as well as an overabundance of leaf fall, this time of year can become stressful for our lawns and landscapes. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind a good game plan for a fall storm cleanup.  


The first step in any storm cleanup is to inspect the trees on or around your property as this can be the most threatening obstacle to your safety. Ensure that the storm did not cause any large limbs to become damaged or compromise the integrity of the tree itself. If you do notice damage to the trees or branches, it is important that your keep clear of this area and call a professional as soon as possible.


Oftentimes, strong winds or fallen trees can take down powerlines. This creates a very unsafe condition to be around. This is why, in combination with checking your trees, you check any powerlines for damage as well. Call the local power company right away if you notice any damage to your powerlines.


If there is no real damage to either your trees or powerlines, it is often the case that small or medium sized branches can break off from trees and come down into our yards. Removing these branches can sometimes be difficult depending on the size and if you have the proper tools. If the branches are small, gather them and dispose of them. Sometimes the branches can be large and will require you to cut them up before disposing of them. Removing these larger items will make the next step a lot easier to deal with.

Leaves and Other Debris

Stormy weather brings about an awful lot of leaf fall and other debris. While debris can collect throughout your landscape, it is crucial to remove this debris from lawn areas as soon as possible. Debris left too long on your lawn will cause damage quite quickly, therefore, when cleaning up debris after a storm, starting with your lawn is always a good idea. Since you’ve already removed larger items from your lawn and landscape, you should be able to rake up leaves and other smaller debris into piles before disposing of it quite easily.

Plant Life

Another important step to consider when cleaning up after a storm is to check all of your plant life, including shrubs and bushes, small trees, and flowers. Depending on the type of plant, a small amount of damage is easy to overcome. Oftentimes, you can simply trim away any of the damaged areas, making sure to keep an eye on the plant throughout the year, especially during the growing season. If the damage is too much or if the stem of a plant has been severed, it is more likely than not that your plant is unsavable. If the plant cannot be saved, remove it from the garden space and add it to the compost pile.

Urban Eden Landscaping is here to help with all of your fall storm cleanup needs. We have all the tools and know-how to get the job done correctly and in a timely manner. Contact us today or fill out our FREE estimate request.



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