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Fall Landscape Tasks

Posted on by Urban Eden

Fall is in full swing here in the Camas, Vancouver, and Washougal, Washington areas. There is an abundance of tasks that should be performed during this time of year to keep your landscape healthy and lush.

Leaf Cleanup

The fall season brings an overabundance of fallen leaves. Leaves left to sit on your lawn can cause major issues to the health of your lawn. They can also cause slippery and otherwise hazardous conditions on your driveway and walkways. Not to mention, leaves in these areas can look unsightly. Removing these leaves as quickly as possible is paramount to the health of your lawn and safety of those who use your driveway and pathways. Removing these leaves before they are saturated with water or, worse yet, frozen solid, is essential. Leaves can be collected and placed into composting bins, used as mulch, or simply hauled away to a proper recycling center.

Dethatching and Aerating

Fall is also a great time to consider aerating and dethatching your lawn. This service should, ideally, be performed twice annually, once in spring and again in fall. Dethatching is the process by which built up debris (thatch) is removed from your lawn. Aerating is the process of punching small holes throughout your lawn in order to allow moisture, light, and nutrients to further penetrate the depths of your soil. These services in combination, result in a much healthier lawn.

Removing Weeds

Oftentimes, many homeowners can easily fall behind on weeding their lawn, garden, and flowerbeds. Fall is a great time to catch up on this task, as weed growth slows and undesirable plant growth becomes more manageable. Urban Eden avoids the use of chemicals as much as possible and promotes manual removal.


Another thing to consider during the fall season is applying mulch to your flower beds. Mulch comes in many different forms and colors, making it easy for you to find the best match for your property. Mulching has several benefits. It helps protect plants from the cold conditions of fall and winter, protects soil from erosion, helps to retain moisture (which actually keeps the soil warmer, as well), and it also increases the beauty of your landscape.

These are just a few tasks that should be considered during the fall season. Urban Eden has the proper equipment and experience to get these jobs done effectively and efficiently. If you would like some help with preparing your landscape for fall, give Urban Eden a call today at (360)567-6399, contact us here, or fill out our FREE online estimate request form.



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