Get the beauty bark installation you’ve been waiting for!

The simplest way to get gorgeous bark installation in Camas is to let the professionals do the dirty work. At Urban Eden Landscaping we work with you to get the best results. You choose the mulch or bark dust, or we’re happy to make recommendations. We prepare the area prior to installation so you get long-lasting results that stand up to rain and drain properly. Some of the benefits you’ll receive include:

Bark Installation

Prevent weeds with mulch and bark dust.

Effective mulch includes rocks, compost, bark dust, and bark chips. It helps to crowd out weeds by preventing them from reaching the soil or receiving sunlight when they do take root. We thoroughly weed every area before adding bark. That way your yard starts out with a clean slate.

Protect your plant and flower root structures!

Root structures can be compromised when they’re left out in the open. Hot weather means faster evaporation. Water doesn’t have time to seep into the soil. Beauty bark helps reflect sunlight and keep water from evaporating. It also keeps root structures insulated from frost during cold months.

Control erosion with mulch and bark dust.

Bark dust is perfect for protecting your soil against the effects of erosion. It rains a lot in the Northwest. These heavy rains wash away topsoil and can expose root structures to bacteria or dry them out. Mulch protects soil from washing away. It also prevents landslides, rock fall, and washout when used on hillsides. We make it easy to protect your landscape by doing the hard work for you.

Contact us for bark and mulch installation today!

Now is the right time to take action. If you want to protect your landscape from the effects of weather, there’s never a wrong time to take action. If you’ve already suffered some negative effects we can undo the damage before adding protective bark. Get bark installation in Camas now. It just takes a phone call to schedule your appointment, so call or contact us today. We provide a variety of other lawn care services including pet waste removal, pruning, and weed control.