Pet Waste Removal Camas

Outdoor Pet Waste Removal Services

Part of keeping a lawn clean and sanitary means cleaning up after our pets. And for Camas residents, that can mean combing over a half-acre lot looking for “landmines” that have been buried under leaves and grass.

Our lawn care services make a dirty job easy so you can have more time to enjoy your pet, and your pet can enjoy clean grass!

Unfortunately, dog poop cannot be composted or used as fertilizer. This is due to their diet being mainly composed of other animal products. And if left in the yard, it can pose a health threat to people, waterways, and other pets.

Leaving dog or cat waste to decompose in the yard can lead to disease and infection, and can turn an otherwise attractive landscape into a pretty unpleasant place to walk!

Our pet waste removal services can be part of a larger lawn clean up job, as preparation for landscaping work, or on its own as a one-time job.

When you call Urban Eden Landscaping, we ask you whether you need waste pickup as part of a larger yard clean up or on its own, questions regarding the size of your property, and when you’d like your appointment.

Our yard cleanup crew arrives on time and in marked trucks so you know it’s us. If for any reason we’re running behind, we call you right away.

It’s our mission to deliver consistent service that you can rely on for all your landscaping needs. Whether it’s landscaping your backyard to increase its market value, or cleaning up your front yard in preparation for winter, we provide Camas with landscaping services that exceed expectations every time.

Green Healthy Lawn

Why call a landscaping service for dog waste pickup?

Not everyone has the time or energy to pick up dog waste. But pets, for many Camas residents, are a necessity. We offer pet waste clean up services because we want our clients to enjoy their pets as much as possible, not spend time cleaning up after them. That’s why we offer weekly scheduling, so you can have peace of mind knowing your yard is clean.

Our dog waste removal services include:

  • Free consultations and estimates
  • Prompt arrival
  • Thorough clean up of back, front, and side yards
  • Large and small jobs for private residences as well as apartment complexes
  • Weekly or bi-weekly scheduling options
  • Safe, sanitary, off-site waste disposal
  • Service as part of other yard maintenance services or on its own

Urban Eden Landscaping takes care of pet waste so you don’t have to. Call for one-time or routine scheduling.