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Preparing and Maintaining Your Yard for Summer

Posted on by Urban Eden

We have just about made it through the wettest part of the year! So, since summer is almost upon us, it’s time to start preparing your yard for the warmer temperatures. There are several things that you should consider doing to your lawn before and during the dry months of summer, here in Vancouver, Washougal, or Camas, Washington.


As we have mentioned in our blogs several times, aerating is one of the most important services to perform on your lawn to help ensure optimal health. Aerating creates holes in your lawn that allows water and nutrients to better reach the root system, creating a healthier lawn. Aerating before the hot, dry months of summer helps to ensure that your lawn is getting the most moisture and nutrients that it can, which allows your lawn to continue to thrive even during these harsher conditions.


Dethatching is another important service that we have discussed. Dethatching is usually performed in combination with aeration. Dethatching removes debris and other build up from your lawn. The debris that accumulates on your lawn throughout the year blocks sunlight and moisture from penetrating deeper into the soil, which is what your grass craves. Dethatching also relives soil compaction which also hinders the growth of your lawn.


Giving your yard the nutrients it desperately desires is another important service that should be performed on your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn keeps it looking lush and healthy. This should be done at least twice a year.


Though reseeding should be, preferably, done in fall, as long as it is properly watered, filling in those bare patches can be done during the warmer months as well. Simply till the soil and lay seed (remember to fertilize as well). Once the seed has been applied, cover with a top dressing to not only retain more moisture but to stave off birds from eating the seed or the wind carrying the seed away.

Routine Mowing

Be sure that your lawn is being mowed weekly. During the warmer months of summer, cut your grass slightly higher (about a half inch) to ensure strong root growth. Routinely mowing your lawn keeps the grass growing at a consistent and healthy rate and ensures a lush look.

Pruning and Trimming

The worst time to prune and trim most shrubs, bushes, and trees is during the hot and dry months of summer. So, it is important to have this done before those days arrive. Prune bushes and shrubs to keep them growing and looking healthy, trimming away any dead parts of the plant. Not only does trimming and pruning create an aesthetic appeal, keeping your plants healthy, but it also eliminates potential hazards (i.e. branches hanging over walkways, etc.).


Consistent watering of your lawn and other plants is especially important during the summer months. Setting up a sprinkler system can ensure an even and consistent watering. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on a fancy system to be sure your lawn is being watered. A simple sprinkler connected to a timer can do the same job.

Urban Eden Landscaping can (and would love to) help get your yard ready for summer and can maintain your yard throughout the year! For a free estimate, contact us today. We offer many services, and we strive to ensure that our customers are continuously happy!



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